The Traveling Grower - The Struggle From the Road



Thanks @Donaldj. That makes perfect sense too. :slight_smile:


What are the chances you could add another string or two to your net? Looks like plenty of room from pics. And then I would be getting those running out of net into flower.


It’s doable, at least on the part of the screen closest to the main tent door. Getting my drill into the back of the tent might be more of a challenge. Lesson learned on the SCROG from this grow - kitchen string is a little too flexible/soft and is easily pushed around by the plant. Even though I weaved everything over and under and pulled them super tight when I strung it up, you can see the strings have been pushed around. Next time around I will find something a little more sturdy I think, and also go with 3" squares and not 4" squares.


Good points on the next one! It appears to being doing its job regardless of how it looks, and that’s going to be priority one. So I’d call it a success.


Well I had a pretty aggressive tucking session this morning:

And I was wrong - I don’t have the 4-way elbows like I thought I did. At least I didn’t find any. I might order some as that would make adding a second screen much easier… in any case, the GL will likely fill out the rest of the existing screen in the next week or so (and transition should be over a week or so after that)… so I might be generally okay.

The SSH I am not worried about really:

Ignore my GL clone there I am just messing around with that thing. :smiley:

PH in both reservoirs this morning, after a complete change last night, was ~6.1. I normally see a little PH bump the day after a complete change - I don’t have the ability to store water in advance of using it, so I have to give my plants fresh water (i.e. no resting the water). As a result a PH upswing in the first 24 hours seems normal to me. Anyway, I adjusted them back down to 5.8 (2ml of PH Down in each reservoir - and each reservoir has around 8ga of water in it right now).


Forgot to post this before. I have a couple pics of my plants one day after I aggressively tucked them. I thought it would be interesting for people who haven’t scrogged before to see how quickly a plant can rebound. This is 16 hours after the previous pics:




Quick update. All is well with the plants

They have been under 12/12 for 5 days. They will get one more good tuck this weekend, and the GL is getting a second screen. Then they will grow how they will grow. :slight_smile:


@Bogleg your scrog is very impressive!


Looking good bro. Bring on the buds!


Sunday’s will likely be the day I do “full” updates going forward.

Today marks 6 days in flower for both plants, and 69 days since they first sprouted (71 since germination).

Yesterday I did aggressive tucking on both plants. During this week - at least for the next couple of days while I am home - I will continue to tuck both plants. A week from today will mark two weeks since I flipped the lights and I expect the branches will be hardening off, so I don’t intend to do much training after this week is up.

In any case, both the plants look okay to me, although I’m keeping an eye on the light distance. I upped the Armor SI feeding this week but kept all my nutrients at the transition feeding stage, same as last week. So they were both topped off today with ~2 gallons of water each that contained:

GH Flora Trio - 5ml/gal of each (Micro, Bloom, Grow)
GH Armor SI - 5ml/gal
GH CalMag - 2.5ml/gal

Today I wrote down my steps for making water so I can start drawing some comparisons and maybe make this a quicker process down the road:

Tap Water PH and PPM: 6.97/67.
After adding nutrients as above: 7.33 (no PPM reading)
After adding 1ml of PH Down per gallon: 6.5
After adding another .5ml/gal of PH Down: 6.11
After adding .25ml/gal of Ph Down: 5.92
After adding .125ml/gal of Ph Down: 5.62 (!)

I usually don’t mind it being below 5.8 if I am topping off, as the reservoir PH’s are generally around 6 after a couple of days. That being said, this is where my plants actually were today:

The Gold Leaf reservoir was at a PH of 5.76 and had a PPM of 1030. This is where the PPM has been every time I’ve measured it in the past week. Within 50 of that number.

Luckily I had some water already made from the middle of the week that had a PH of 5.92, so I topped off the GL with that. This put the numbers at 5.85 and 884 PPM. I am keeping an eye on these numbers closely now so that I can dial in the nutrient levels for each plant based on what they are actually consuming.

Here is the GL as of today. Yesterday she had a pretty shocking amount of tucking and she’s not fully recovered yet. I also tried to take this picture from a different angle than usual so you can see how much of the screen is left to fill:

The Super Silver Haze had a reservoir at 5.98 PH (what I expected) and a 907 PPM. I topped her off with the water I had just made (PH 5.62), and her final numbers today were at 5.74 and 908 PPM. I did have to add a little PH Down to her reservoir even after the top off.

She has been growing pretty abundantly since the change to the larger reservoir. I think she is taking up more nutrients than the GL but again, I am tracking this more closely now to really know.

Here she is. Lots of screen to fill, I’m guessing she won’t make it all the way:

On the second screen front, I ordered the 4 way tees and got them in the mail… but I ordered 1" ones instead of 1/2" ones. So I have to order them again or just decide to go without it. Right now it looks like I might be okay.

On the pruning front I am a big sissy. Here are the under canopies of both plants (GL first):

I feel like I pull leaves and new growth off every day and I’m losing the fight! I’ll keep at it. I have just about filled a kitchen garbage bag with leaves.

I don’t usually post pics of my whole set up, but I thought I would post one today so you can all see what my entire grow space looks like:

I’m not a very neat and well organized person by nature. :slight_smile:


@Bogleg they look great! They’ll start the stretch soon I suspect. :wink:


I finally think I am making progress on the SSH with the pruning. Really wish I had figured out a better way to save this plant early on so it was higher in that net pot.



@Bogleg I had one do this and her short squatness was a pain in the butt for lighting in a single tent with 2 other normal height plants. At the end of the day, the bud is just as good, but with less of it.


I have a separate light over each plant so I think I’ll be okay for the most part. I still don’t think I have enough light for optimal results, but I think I have enough for a decent yield this time around. Only time will tell! I’m just happy when I don’t kill them by accident.

FYI she’s the exact same height as the GL… but for reasons detailed wayyyy earlier in this journal, she was placed at the very bottom of the net pot (i.e. the bottom of the rapid rooter is sitting on the bottom of the net pot), whereas the GL is has 3" or so of hydrocorn under the rapid rooter it started in.


Little update today:

This marks day 8 since the light switch to 12/12, and day 70 since first sprout.

I topped off both plants with plain water (PH 5.8 on the nose). GL before top off was at 5.69/997 PPM. SSH was at 5.91/848. After the top off, the GL was at 5.8/864 and the SSH was at 5.85/843.

I am trying to find the perfect balance right now.

Pics from today. I have done more cleaning under the screens both this morning and yesterday morning. They are pretty open now and have good air flow under them:



You can see from my gauge there that the temp drops a lot when I open the tent to work in the garden. Humidity seems to be staying okay with the mister in the tent. I moved the console wicking humidifier upstairs to the living room - the Christmas tree likes it. :slight_smile:

You can also see that the GL is pretty much out of room and has grown quite a bit above this first screen. I guess I’ll order some 4-way tees in the right size today so I can add a second screen to it next week.


I also noticed that my temps have been low - I double checked because they were low last week too. I thought turned up the heater in the tent, but in fact I turned it down. Ugh! Anyway that’s corrected but I will have to check on them later to make sure it’s in the right range.


Looking good @Bogleg keep up the good work.


Quick update today before I hit the road until Friday:

GL this morning is at 5.77 PH and 926 PPM.

SSH this morning is at 5.87 PH and 948 PPM.

I probably won’t get any kind of accurate water consumption numbers this grow. It’s something I’ll look at for the next grow. I can say that both the plants seem to have drank whatever amount of water I put in their totes yesterday already.


Quick update after two days on the road.



Okay SCROG masters. I have a (good) problem. I think I need to thin out that GL. They are 10 days into 12/12 light so pistils any day now. What should I do? I could order the 4 way tees today, get them on Monday or Tuesday, and still put a second screen on it (at least maybe I could keep the colas separated that way)… and I am starting to train back towards the center - but when I move one of those tops and tuck it you can see (in the next photo) there is a lot of good stuff right under each one. Should I start pruning out tops?! Help…

@bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 @Donaldj

EDIT I had to order some nutes so I ordered the 4-way tees too, so I will build a second screen and put it on on Sunday or Monday.


If it gets good light let it grow if not it can go :wink: nice thing about hydro you can force feed plants compared to soil with lower risk


This is where my lack of experience is killing me - I’m afraid to cull stuff! I’ll get some intestinal fortitude and a pair of scissors once it recovers from today’s manhandling.