The Traveling Grower - The Struggle From the Road



I can’t say how the gradual decline in light schedule does with stretch, never tried. But generally speaking, a pk boost during transition will help with stretch. Lots of reports of using something like mammoth p unlocking additional p having similar results.


Nice grow! Keep it going man!


@Donaldj had suggested it. I’m actually working with a 16/8 schedule and the gradual reduction over a week or so saw little stretch and I was fully in flower within 1 week of 12/12.

Per the issues I’m having, I’m currently running 11/13.


If I recall, you are trying to slow down your flowering, right?


Yes, the concern is that they will finish without the additional bud mass that only time can put on.


Well, I had tons of problems with my GL plant. PH was crashing down to the high 4s overnight. PPMs were going up. It was drinking half the bucket of water each day. I just couldn’t keep the thing stable in a 3.5 gallon bucket. So I rigged up some ropes and raised the whole plant and SCROG together and replaced the 3.5 gallon bucket with a tote I had lying around:

I did all this yesterday morning before I left for a work trip until Thursday. And of course yesterday morning the SSH started showing the same problems so I will swap that one out on Thursday when I get home. Hopefully this stabilizes my reservoirs.


@Countryboyjvd1971 tagging you in.

Quick synopsis: plants sprouted around Oct 6. Still under 18/6 light.

SSH is still in 3.5 gal bucket but I noticed crashing PH and rising PPMs starting on Monday so I will be swapping the reservoir with a larger (10gal) tote to try and stabilize my grow medium. Consensus from the boys in the lab is the combination of small buckets and a large root mass means dramatic changes to my water as the plant consumes it. This has caused nutrient burn/clawing.

I’ll post a thorough update with photos tomorrow when I get back home.


Solid bro looking great i like the small screens you made
Looking good imo
Good to hear your a lab member bro :+1:
Ill update my thread later today buddy thanks fir the tag @Bogleg


I will try and keep up with you over here I am easier to catch spend moree time here than in lab :wink:


If I have a serious problem I’ll be sure to post it here and tag you @Donaldj, but I expect smooth sailing from here on out. :wink:


I am almost positive res size change will help with your problem I have rarely seen people have much luck with smaller than 5 gal res


Day 59 since sprout.

Well, some interesting happenings in Bogleg’s Tent. And not the kind that require a doctor visit after.

The GL looked amazing when I got home:

In fact… I might be kind of screwed. I am planning on flipping to 12/12 this weekend and it definitely appears to me like that SCROG isn’t going to hold that entire plant properly. Should be interesting to see how this pans out.

Here is the really interesting bit: the PH in the GL reservoir was at 5.09! I didn’t top it off - i just adjusted the PH back up to 5.8. The new growth (which there is a ton of in the past 3 days) all looks super good to me so I am not going to sweat it and just keep adjusting like normal until I see the plant showing symptoms.

The canopy on this plant looks great to me:

I did the best I could tucking it (it seems like there are potential tops going everywhere right now and I have to say… I am finding it difficult deciding where to tuck what) and cleaned out the under canopy a little.

The SSH was not fairing so well when I got home:

You’ll note that I did switch the reservoir before this pic to another 56qt tote (same as the kind the GL is in). The 3.5 gal bucket had about .5 gallons left in it after 3 days away. As you can see, it has leaves curling under and all that jazz - I expect by Saturday this thing will be flourishing.

The canopy on the SSH needs a lot of work:

I cleaned out some tonight and will continue to work on it in the coming days.

I also put one of those cool mist humidifier thingies in the tent tonight, so we’ll see how that effects the RH going forward.

And lastly, you might see some clones in the tent - one of them (the big one) is the GL top. That is the only one that has taken root. Not sure what I’m going to do with it… I guess I’ll put the word out that I have one to give away if anyone wants it.


Annnnd I just noticed in that last pic that the lid/net pot isn’t set properly on top of the tote. Going down to fix that right now. :slight_smile:


I’m impressed! Don’t sweat the overgrowth, tuck what you can and roll with it. If need be, you can add another net above your current net to help support stretch and those monster buds that will be coming.


Good news! My GL reservoir is finally stable. PH this morning was slightly up (6.06), as expected. Since I swapped the reservoir on Tuesday she has drank ~2 gallons of water. PPM is currently at ~700 (I raised it during my top off this morning).

SSH looks good - not eating as much so PPM with the same nutrients at top off is at 829. PH was 6.06 in it before I topped off.

I also checked water temp now that I have 11 gallons of water under each plant. Water temp was sitting at 17.1C. I haven’t figured out how to switch my Apera meter to F yet. :slight_smile:


Time for a more comprehensive update:

63 days since first sprout. 2 days since flip to 12/12 (Dec 2nd).

Well… I don’t know what to do with all my free time now. This morning when I checked my plants the PH in the Gold Leaf reservoir was 5.96. The PH in the Super Silver Haze reservoir was 6.02. I am doing a complete res change tonight after my new transfer pump shows up, so I just left them alone today.

The GL is a fast grower:

I’m going to make a new thread in the master class group (or resurrect an old one if I find one on topic) about scrogging. My question is - how do I go about pruning to get the screen filled out properly? I am going to have way more tops than holes to fill when this is all said and done. I have seen videos of people pruning scrogs pretty aggressively. I’m going to need to do some research on it today. Anyone got some good pointers on pruning a plant to properly fill a screen of green trellis? I am loathe to remove any tops that are at screen level… but will I need to do so to ensure every top is getting maximum light?

Here’s a shot of the canopy on the GL from the side. It’s got a really nice, thick canopy. I have some small branches that are just now getting up into it… some of those might make nice clones.

The SSH is looking better now that she’s had her new reservoir for 3 and a half days:

She’s been a little abused in her short life. I would expect the SSH to stretch quite a bit this next two weeks, so I think I’ll come pretty close to filling that whole net out with her.

I have to do more work on her under the canopy:

Anyway, trucking along now!

One final note, per @Majiktoker’s guidance I am going to build a second screen to put above the current screen… I think I can remove the elbows one by one and replace them with 4-way elbows I have on hand.


First off pruning is about giving remaining and strongest parts of plant and advantage so can be a good thing secondly during veg your plants natural response to stress (pruning) is to add new growth. So I usually prune same day I flip and than once again after first week in a scrog it’s far simpler if it doesn’t get good light or a bigger limb could occupy it’s space it goes so any small limb below canopy level and the rest is a choice between best fed tops :wink:


Good stuff @Donaldj and makes perfect sense to me. So here is an example for consideration:

The branches that I’ve highlighted have a single top (at the top ;)) that are even with or just below the screen currently… they are also in the shadow of bigger tops from the upper nodes.

So I am thinking of cutting those and making clones of them… which got me to thinking maybe I want to do that in 3-4 weeks for monster crops. Not that I have anywhere to grow clones, but I can probably keep them alive long enough to root and give away.

What happens if you have your buds too tightly packed/close together? Can that cause problems?


it reduces airflow co2 burns energy on smaller buds which would be going towards larger buds. As for monster cropping they tend to take longer than reg clones to get going as the plant still has to revert to veg and are typically a no big rush type of clone but do need space and light to get going


Could I root a monster cropped clone under a 35w CFL fixture? It’s what I use for sprouting. How much light do the need? I am sure I can find a spot in the tent for them but they will be under 12/12 light if I do that.


you could root it yes but they still need time to revert eating up space for starting new plants also a monster cropped clone is better a strong kola since each bud turns into several limbs