The Traveling Grower - The Struggle From the Road



These are looking incredible. I’ll be eager to see your harvest weights, because it looks like it’s going to be a nice crop.

Based on your notes, it appears you’re 13 days ahead of me. That’ll be interesting to keep track of when it comes to harvest and trichome development.


Yeah I think I’ll harvest around the last week of February. The Golf Leaf maybe earlier.


Today marks the 105th day since the seeds sprouted. It is the 43rd day since the lights were flipped to 12 hours on and 12 hours off. It is the 27th day since I first noticed the first signs of flowers.

It’s been two weeks since the Super Silver Haze had a reservoir change, and 9 days since the Gold Leaf went through her flush, so both plants got a full reservoir change today.

I took my time and let both root systems dry out in between changes. Here’s the Gold Leaf roots as best as I can see them:

It’s interesting that in my haste to switch those to those totes way back when, I didn’t verify they are light proof. You can see in that pic that tote is translucent. Doesn’t seem to have had any effect on anything.

Anyway, I didn’t bother checking numbers before I emptied their reservoirs. I set the Gold Leaf at a PH of 6.01 and a PPM of 625 with the following mixture per gallon:

4ml Micro
8ml Bloom
2ml CalMag
3ml Liquid Koolbloom
6ml FloraNectar

Her buds are starting to really extend… hope I don’t start seeing foxtailing!

For the Super Silver Haze, I went with a stronger nutrient mix (again, per gallon):

8ml Micro
16ml Bloom
2ml CalMag
3ml Liquid KoolBloom
6ml FloraNectar

I put her at a PH of 5.91 and a PPM of 1080 with that mixture.

In the case of both plants, the PH that I left them at was in fact the PH of my water after nutrients, with no PH Up or Down required. The SSH has been around 6 for a few days and has been fine, and the GL likes to drop PH so why not start a little higher?

The SSH is really starting to show some nice bud growth in my inexperienced opinion.

And one last thing… it looks like my clone might survive?

It’s definitely gotten better color to it. She felt light today so I watered her with plain water. PH going in was around 6.7 (67 PPM) and PH coming out was 6.02 with a PPM of 672.


They’re looking great, and that rootball is solid! I think the clone responded pretty well to the attention too.


I like how it kept the shape of the original 3.5 gallon bucket. The bottom is hard to tell but on the bottom they are spread across nearly the entire tote.


Looking real good! Cruise control set to the finish line!!! That clone will give you some bonus weed.


Well I seem to have foxtailing starting all over. UGH! I raised the light where it seems to be the most progressive.

Anything else I can do?


Maybe I’m beginning to go blind, I didn’t really see any clear evidence of foxtails.


I’m with @dbrn32: all I see are some bitchin’ looking buds lol.


Growing Up very Nicely!


looking great @Bogleg


Glad I wasn’t the only one, had me thinking I needed to go to dr lol.

@Bogleg foxtails can look a couple different ways, but I don’t see them. You would be looking for like spires shooting out of your already developed buds, or like round nugs coming out of other nugs. All I see is your colas starting to stack, and we like that any way it happens.


I completely agree… not seeing foxtaiiling. Beautiful buds stacking up!


Nothing I can do but wait and see. I did raise the light above this area tho.


This is an aggressive solution to foxtails but may help? Bud stacking or back building is the process of topping your buds by 1/8-1/4" this forces plant to divert energy back to lower sections of the bud much like topping in veg


Hmm. Might as well try it on one bud and see what happens.


What size is your tent


There’s nothing I can see that would concern me


Tent is 4x4x80".


Ya, maybe from that pic. If you’re environmentally sound, which it sounds like you have it pretty dialed in now, I wouldn’t sweat it too much. Curious to see how @Donaldj suggestion works out for sure!