The Traveling Grower - The Struggle From the Road



Happy to report that my tent has maintained a high temp of 84F with a relative humidity of 45% all day today! This with the heater set to half power (compared to full power before) and with my fans running one minute on, two minutes off. I wonder how much electricity I will save.


Calculate voltage times current of fan, that gives you watts per hour. Then run the math out however you’d like.8 Hours a day of fan on time vs 24 will give you difference in use right? Then you need to apply cost if electricity, usually in kWh. That’s cost of 1000 Watts per hour.

Edit… there’s probably online calculator that will do the work for you. If the math doesn’t work out, just figure it out working 24/7 and then figure you’re only using it a third of that now. Won’t be exact due to inrush current of fan, but that’s for milliseconds every time it starts.


Topped off the GL today with about a gallon of water. PH was at 5.72 before topping her off. I put her at 5.8 on the dot after I added plain water, and her PPM this morning was at 529 (she was at 620 yesterday).

Tomorrow I will top her with a nutrient load and will try to push her to 700 ppm.

The SSH had a PH of 5.92 and didn’t drink as much water as the GL, so I left her alone today.

Today’s pics:

This is all the stuff I pulled off the plants today:

And here is my little struggling clone I’ve been working on one day after she had a transplant and thorough flush:


Wow that canopy is dense! I’m not sure if you posted and I missed it, how much veg time did the clone get?

How do the cobs seem to be doing?


Also from following the other thread, what do you plan on doing with the led panels after you replace with cobs?

Would a small tent for playing around with some strains be an option?


I topped the plants on November 11th and flipped them to 12/12 on December 4th. Not sure how long it took her to root - I might have that logged somewhere. Looking… looks like I noticed it took root around November 30th.


They are doing great - they are deceptively powerful.


That’s the plan. Ideally I’d like to maybe get a pair of 2x2 tents and run one of the panels in each tent. I’d have lots of options then.


Pretty easy to guesstimate roughly two weeks to root.

Glad the cobs are doing well. I think a lot of people underestimate the amount of energy they produce. The general thought of why I you would pay an extra $100 or whatever for 200 watts of cobs vs 200 Watts of the standard led panel really. It’s not even really a fair comparison.

The two tents of any size really will open up a lot for you. I have a 2x2x4 that’s come in very handy. Hard to grow in by itself, but as a veg space or cloning it’s very versatile.


I have a hunting blind in the basement… I should set it up… I bet i could make it into a veg space easily enough. It’s kind of big though. Heh.


Today’s update.

Today marks the 104th day since the seeds sprouted. It is the 42nd day since the lights were flipped to 12 hours on and 12 hours off. It is the 26th day since I first noticed the first signs of flowers.

I checked both plants PH and PPM prior to topping them off, and then topped them both off with the following mixture (per gallon of water):

4ml Micro
8ml Bloom
2ml CalMag
3ml Liquid Koolbloom
5ml FloraNectar

I decided to stop giving the plants silica for the rest of the grow.

That mixture came out to a PPM of 750 and a PH of 6.0 without any PH Up or Down needed.

Prior to topping off the Gold Leaf, it had a PH of 5.6 and a PPM of 616. After, I set the PH at 5.84 and her PPM is at 633. She took about a gallon of water (I did top her off yesterday with plain water).

The Super Silver Haze had a PH of 5.98 and a PPM of 1090. She took about two gallons of water, and I left her PH at 5.99. Her PPM was at 1140.

Environmentally I saw a humidity of 75% overnight and it’s hovering around 60% right now, so I have turned on the dehumidifier and set it at 50%. Temps are between 65-80 so stable and good.

I took a ton of photos to share!

First, the obligatory overview pic:

In this pic of the SSH, you can clearly see where I removed a bunch of fan leaves and exposed the tops of some branches if you compare to older pics.

On the Gold Leaf most of my pruning has been from underneath, so it’s not has obvious on top. But I have been doing some plucking to get more light down into the plant as well.

It seems the GL wants to show you what she has with these exposed, long buds developing.

Whereas the SSH is shy and is hiding a lot of her glory under big fan leaves (or was ;)):


Wow! They’re looking really good!

What’s going on there in front on the lower screen? Looks a bunch of new growth there, whatever you’re doing keep it up. I usually ditch silica by end of transition as well. Most of your stem structure is plenty good, and it gives you some room to play with sweeteners and what not.


I for one appreciate how much easier it is to PH my solution without the silica as well.

The front part is where I have done some work to expose some tops that were caught in shade, mostly. Some moving around, etc. to try and get more buds exposed to light.


Copy that, I could tell it looked a little different over there from previous pics.

The liquid koolbloom, is that like an enzyme additive?


It’s a PK booster, 0-10-10. Supposed to help with adding weight.


For sure!

Are you using any enzyme? I apologize for the questions, not super familiar with gh line.


All I’m using is what I listed above. I am not even sure which GH product would have enzymes.


Maybe something like their SubCulture supplement? Is that the kind of thing you are thinking of?


Not sure, I’ll have to go look. I usually use a small amount of hygrozyme, but that’s in soil. An has sensizym and canna is cannazym. Not sure what/if gh has.

Generally speaking it helps breakdown root matter and turns into a carbload. Not sure if it’s even something you would need with what you’re using. I’m hydro and gh illiterate lol.


Looks like florablend. No worries there, looks like per chart it’s replaced with floranectar. The nectar is probably molasses based, which will feed bennies too.