The Traveling Grower - The Struggle From the Road



Yeah that’s what I thought I was seeing too - but it also kind of looked like the edges were yellowing so I just needed a second opinion. :slight_smile:

Thanks Bob! The help of the people on this forum has really helped me on this grow. Hopefully I can just finish the next 4 weeks or so strong!


For sure. Watch that heater that could have been a disaster.

Last summer I topped out in 95-105 range before I installed a small ac unit, so they can take it but I like to keep my highs and lows at a 10 degree range difference.

It won’t be long. Those four weeks will be here before you know it!


I’m screwed on the 10° difference… @bob31
@Bogleg plants look great. I’m seeing lots of trichomes.


Yeah the 10 degree deal is optimal. Over the summer there were days when the swings we’re 20, 30 or more. The closer to 10 the more optimal. Sometimes reality and optimal don’t intersect and if it can’t be optimized then that is pretty much all you can do, lol


I agree with @bob31and @Covertgrower, think they look pretty good.

It looks like to me some of the tips along the edge of your leaves tipped up a bit. That’s probably just the leaves reacting to a little higher temp than normal. I wouldn’t react to it any more than what you have.


Beautiful :green_heart: :seedling:


Quick check on the plants today to make sure PH is okay. GL was at 5.92 and SSH was at 5.95 so I left them alone today.

I am still not sure what is going on with the GL. Here is a pic zoomed in of the top I posted last night with the apparent yellowing edges:

Here it is from the other side and with one of the blurple lights on:

Here is another top on the same plant that is at the edge of the tent:

I dunno. All I can do is keep an eye on it and be patient.

After lowering the setting on the heater, I saw a high of 84F last night before lights out and a low of 63F over night. Today will be the real test, though.

Considering the slightly raised serated leaf edges, the maybe/maybe not yellowing edges, I decided to raise my lights. I had them running at 18" from the actual screen, so they were 10-16" away from the tops of the tallest tops. I raised them up 3" each - 21" from the actual screen.

Tomorrow I am going to raise the PPM on the GL up to 700 and see if she can tolerate it.


Hard to tell with all that frost, which isn’t a terrible problem to have. I would just continue monitoring.


Thanks - I think you accurately pointed out what looks like the beginning of heat/light stress (with the serated edges starting to curl up). I think I nipped it in the bud (no pun intended) right away so should be okay… and I’m done traveling this week so I can monitor it closely over the next few days and dial in the light distance and heater.


Holy trichomes @Bogleg


Man I can smell those plants from here. Looking mighty fine, friend.


Latest check on the tent shows 86F and 40% RH at the canopy now… raising the lights a little has helped on the RH for sure. I lowered the heater to a setting of “4” from a setting of “5” based on the 86F temp… trying to stay under 85F.

Here are a couple of SSH bud pics - first one with both blurple lights on and second one with just one blurple light on. She is frosting up nicely.

I’m going to have to break out the microscope soon. :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s probably just heat and light stress @bogleg. They look great though.


Good morning fellow ILGMers (ill-guh-mers?).

Just a top off and PH adjustment this morning for each plant. The GL had a super low PH when I checked her (5.1). Not sure what happened there… didn’t I say I left her at 5.92 yesterday? I didn’t check her starting PPM (I know it was 526 on Monday), but I topped her off with a nutrient mix that was around 800 ppm, and she is now sitting at 620 ppm.

I topped off the SSH with the same nutrient mix, and she is now at 5.95/1180. According to the growing notes on the seed bank, the SSH is supposed to be a more difficult strain to grow, but as far as I can tell, the thing just takes whatever I give her and trucks along. The GL is super fickle by comparison - but also producing some good looking buds.

The good news is that my tent atmosphere is finally around where I would like it. Low temp last night in the tent was 63F and the high temp yesterday was 84F. RH with lights on during the daytime was between 33-45% and RH with the lights out overnight was up to 52%.

Now that I’ve adjusted my fans properly all odor has been eliminated outside of the tent - not counting me… I reek like weed from plucking a few fan leaves and culling some lower branches that weren’t getting any light.

I think tonight, unless someone tells me otherwise, I am going to do one last big pruning session with each plant and remove some of those short, tertiary branches that are stuck down in the canopy and not getting any light. When I pull them out they look like they have lived in a cave their entire life.

Here are some pics from today:

Taking a lesson from my puppy today. Sometimes all you can do is watch and be patient.

The GL is starting to fatten up big time.


It’s looking like some of those cola’s will be monsters!


Somehow I went to bed without likes, and woke up without likes too.

I’ve heard from others that they had what appeared to be good looking buds but that they were airy - so I’m hoping the extra light we added will help avoid that. From the looks of her so far she looks like she will have some nice fat colas. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Super Silver Haze is a totally different animal. I didn’t do a lot of fan leaf plucking on her so it’s hard to see it from an overview pic, but just beneath the top layer of fan leaves she is bursting with flowers. I’ve consciously decided not to pluck her too much because she isn’t as dense as the GL and is getting as little better light penetration, but I might to ponder some strategeric leaf removal on her.


I think by nature the ssh will be a little more airy than say a heavy indica, but the light intensity should definitely push them to bulk. The gold leaf probably a little easier to expect more density. You’re doing it right, so wait and see how it turns out.


Having grown SSH outdoors with very little intervention this summer, I have to agree with this statement. Really seemed much easier than the sensitivity (to cold, nutes, light) of GL. And my chocolope is also showing itself to be significantly more resilient in the same tent. Surely it’s partially my novice self’s fault but those strains have seemed more forgiving of error.

Yours are looking great. I can only hope I’ll catch up to 1/2 of your productivity.


They’re fattening up nicely!


I know the feeling of waiting @Bogleg but you’ll be rewarded. (But you know) They look great. I went to bed and woke up with no likes also. I dont know.