The Traveling Grower - The Struggle From the Road

If you follow the Iglm method you germinate and get to harvest @Bogleg sorry you lost both brother
I soak 24 hr in cup of water then put in moist paper towel 24 hr usually have a tap root 1-4 to 1/2 inch long at that point then I plant into medium in starter pot or solo cup
Good luck and happy growing :v:️ CB :cowboy_hat_face:


I hear ya. I germinate in water. A shot glass to be exact at like 77-82 degrees until the tap shows 1/8 to 1/4 inch and then into the soil. I’m 100% with that method and I have had to pull shells off of them a couple times but two pairs of tweezers work great!

Good luck with the new SSH! Keep us posted!

I use a t5 for the sprout to veg stage and it works good.


Now that I have a 5 day break from the road, I decided to drop two more seeds and get ramped up for Grow #2. I dropped one SSH and one GL into water this morning:

I know, I know - I said I was just going to grow one plant.

BUT I decided to drop one of each just in case one isn’t viable. That, and I’ve been reading through that super long scrog thread from Hillcrest, who does 3 plant scrogs in his 4x2 tent. As a novice weed consumer (and more novice grower) I thought it would be nice to have a couple strains to enjoy and try out. So here we are. Let’s hope this reboot works out!

I did buy a Hydrofarm Agrobrite 125w CFL fixture for seedlings and clones so I can overlap a little bit when my plants are in flower… some day I will have another tent so I can run perpetual harvests.


I’m glad to see you went with at least 2. It’s an awful lot of effort for just 1. May as well do more while you’re working on it anyway.


The SSH has popped. The GL is still working on it. :smiley:


The GL seed sunk - is that going to be a problem?

Nevermind, I got over my lazy brain and researched it. :slight_smile:

SSH broke the surface over night - still waiting on the GL, but it had a nice tail when I put it in the rapid rooter.

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Both the GL and the SSH have broken out:


Both seedlings are looking good - but I had my CFL a little too far away and they stretched a lot in the past day. I have moved them to my cloner. I can’t believe how long the tap root is on the GL already. It’s almost 5 inches long! The SSH has several roots that already broke out of the rapid rooter.

They will live here for a week or so enjoying some refreshing, 5.8 PH water with no nutes. :slight_smile:


Well… last night before bed I noticed the GL seedling wasn’t looking good. I checked PH on the water and it was 6.1, so I adjusted it down to 5.8. Again, there were no nutes added to the water.

This morning it looked about the same so I decided to change the water. I added 1.25ml/ga of GH3 (Bloom, Micro, Grow), set the water to PH 5.78, and swapped it out. Here is a pic of the two seedlings. The GL is on the bottom:

I am not just being paranoid, right? That doesn’t look right to me. Anything I should be looking at/concerned with that I am not thinking about?

I’m thinking I might have had the water too close to the bottom of the rapid rooters, which in turn sucked up water, and maybe that GL has wet feet?

This is my first time trying to go from seed to veg purely hydro. My first grow I grew them through seedling stage in soil then washed them and transplanted them to DWC buckets.

There a small 2" air stone supplying oxygen to both seedlings, and both seedlings have grown roots in the past two days that are now down into the water (1/2" or so below the net pots).

@Donaldj - can I get a second opinion? Talk me down off the ledge before I over react more than I probably already did and make it worse. :slight_smile:

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Bueller? Bueller?

@Bogleg not being a hydro guy I’m not going to be much help but you not being parinoid the gold leaf does look weak
I’m going to guess maybe the ph issue was the problem and a day or two should tell
Good luck I’m growing gl ringtone now as well and it’s a hardy plant
Maybe @ktreez420 can assist as well he’s a hydro guy too


Not hydro guy either, but I would guess you took right course of action as well.


Here they are today:

Calibrated my PH meter this morning and set the PH in the reservoir at 5.78.

Here you can maybe see the roots:


I should note water temp is steady at 68 degrees.

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The Gold Leaf still doesn’t look right, but it is producing new roots:

I topped off the water and set PH to 5.76.

I finished the SCROG net:

Hard to believe those two little ones might someday fill that space.


Heading home from a week long work trip today. Got a pic from my partner in crime yesterday:


Still alive! When I get home tonight I am going to put a bigger air stone in the tub (and change the water one last time before I move them to their bubble buckets this week). I think the GL suffered from lack of oxygen early on.

So after doing some research (aka jonesing) I am thinking about putting the SSH - Sativa dominant - in the SCROG and just mainlining the GL (indica dominant). Or maybe building another SCROG and reducing the size of the one I already built to 2x2. Thoughts?

Right now my plan is both those plants in a 3x3 SCROG but given their vastly different genetics I think I really do need to give them as much separate growing parameters as possible.

What do you all think?

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