The Traveling Grower - The Struggle From the Road



Good to hear @Bogleg keep us posted.


@Bogleg whoever you get the chance, please explain to me and every one how your setting up your timer for you fan and such :+1::pray:


After 40 minutes with the lights on the tent is up to 84F this morning. I turned the fans up to their highest speed but left the timer as-is.

PH on both plants is at 6.0. I left them alone today. I’ll get home tomorrow night from my work trip and will check on them again then. Before I leave this morning at 10am I will double check the tent and see what the heat is. If it’s any higher than 84F I will remove the timer and run the fans as I was before until I get back tomorrow night and can play with the timing interval.

@AmnesiaHaze, I purchased this outlet timer:

I have it set up to be “on” for one minute, and then “off” for two minutes. Then I just plugged a power strip into that, and my two fans (one exhaust and one intake) to the power strip.


Some pics from today:


Looks like they are filling out nicely!


I’m with nugbug, think this is gonna be a good one!


Looking good, @Bogleg. That’s the same timer I ordered. Glad it’s working out for you.


@dbrn32 - when I get around to building out the other two rails for my light system, should I consider using a different color for the center rail, perhaps? Not sure if there is any benefit to that or not but thought I should ask the question. With the two outside rails at 3000k maybe go with 3500k or something for the middle one… is there a reason someone might do that?


Well it appears the tent tops out at 84F. I am going to let it go until I get back home tomorrow night and see what happens. I expect I’ll see a high of 84F during the lights on period, and a low of 63F during the lights off period.

If that is what I end up seeing, I will set the time for 1 minute on, 1 minute off and run it for 24 hours and see what it says. I would expect in that case I’d be more like 60-80F.

I’ll probably figure all this out right about the time I need to start figuring out how to keep it cooler and less humid in the tent…


84° should be fine. They’re going to love it.


Thanks! That’s very reassuring to hear. :smiley:


You can. Generally speaking the different wavelengths play different roles, and you can go on to say that their importance changes at different times of the grow. Pretty basic stuff there and nothing new right.

Whether or not doing that is good idea probably will come more down to which cobs and their specific spectral distribution. It’s one of the main reasons I use and suggest the 3000k 90cri. When compared to 3000k 80cri they produce higher intensity in the blue wavelengths and more intensity in peak absorption wavelengths on the red end. It’s very similar to using 3500k 80cri cobs and then adding some photo reds and far red mono’s in terms of light spectrum produced.

Based on that, I wouldn’t really say you should or shouldn’t do that. My next build will be a 4000k qb surrounded by 3000k 90 cri cobs. If you want to go that route, I would suggest more of alternating cobs but staying with a ratio that leans towards to 3000k 90cri. I don’t expect you’ll see a major difference either way though.


Just wondering where you read temps @Bogleg


As far as the temps go, my experience is that you’ll like those canopy temps more in the lower 80’s than anywhere else. It seems high, but it helps with plant respiration. Something you don’t see a lot of with typical led grows.


Canopy level under the lights.


Ok i read at canopy and in my case near pots to get a root temp


@Bogleg Thank you for that! Outta likes! :+1::heart:️:+1:


Came home today and discovered the tent has run between 68-90F for the past 24 hours with humidity between 30-45. I lowered the heater from a setting of “6” to “5” and will monitor it again tomorrow to see what effect that has.

The GL was topped off with plain water (with a little Armor Si in it) and is was left at 5.89/525. The SSH was topped off with a nutrient mix and left at 5.82/1240.

I took a bunch of pics but these last ones are the ones that I am wondering about:

Am I just being paranoid or is something going on here?


The rest of the pics from today:


I see trichomes on the leaves reflecting light back and making the leaves look a little two toned. Zoom in and you can see them @Bogleg if that is what your referring to?

I think the gang looks great.