The Traveling Grower - The Struggle From the Road



Well I tried all the basic things and no luck. Tent temp is down to 63F with lights and heater on full. House temp is now down to 54F.

Now I need an HVAC guy.


Bad day for that. There are decent YouTube videos for fixing a furnace if you’re handy. Often it’s just the flame sensor which needs cleaning. I had to replace a hot surface ignitor on mine this winter. Just a thought if you can’t find an HVAC tech on New Year’s Day.


I concur, you can build light you can probably troubleshoot possible flame sensor and try cleaning it.

If you remove power from furnace does it go through the process of trying to light a few times and then just stop?


I have an air line that froze. Heat gun hopefully will fix it up.


Like to a pressure switch?


@Bogleg @dbrn32 steam boiler?


I’m not sure. My grandma had an older high efficiency furnace, it had a lot of pvc vents and such. But after a hard rain she would occasionally end up with water in some of the lines for pressure switches. I believe it was one that verified combustion blower was running usually. I had to remove lines and drain that pressure switch a few times.


Yeah it is a line that tests that it is intaking air I guess. Just glad to have the heat back on.


Good deal! If you get the opportunity, take a peek at those hoses every once in a while over the next day or two. Sometimes there will be a little additional moisture that will free up after it runs for a bit.


FYI I believe you have more wiggle room with temperature concerning your plants. If they see low 50’s at night I think they will be perfectly happy. Mine are.


So since I was messing with the HVAC all morning, it got me thinking. The duct for the forced air runs right over my tent:

What if dropped a line from that to one of the bottom vents in my tent?


If you’re looking to add some heat to your tent that can help. It will probably take away from the amount of warm air you have available to heat the house though. If you were to do that I would probably install a damper so that you can fine tune it. And even close it completely off.


A couple of thoughts on this.

First, you are not thermostatically controlled in the tent for that heat vent. So it’s going to fluctuate based on the demand for heat in the living space. Also, if you have a smart thermostat that turns down the heat when you’re out of the house, you are going to have more temperature fluctuation in the tent.

I think using the tent heater with its own thermostat is a more precise way to control things, but if you do decide to pull from the main supply, I’d be sure to install a baffle so that you can turn down (or off) when necessary.


I guess I was also thinking ahead, because I could pump air conditioned air in too. I was thinking I could install a damper with a thermostat control of some kind, have the probe in the tent, and open and close it based on the temperature. I’m guessing there is a way to do that.


When the heat/duct doesn’t blow, would the plants smell go into the ducts and other rooms. That would be my biggest worry…


These are the kinds of things I wouldn’t think about so I’m glad I asked. I will head to google. I bet someone somewhere has done this before to their grow tent.


I’m also sure the google tool will bring some good info. @Ron330 also has a good point. Assuming you’re exhaust will be running and maintain negative pressure, I would guess it would keep scent under control. Maintaining that negative pressure would probably be more difficult with an additional port opened though.

Probably a lot of thought needs to be put into doing it properly. I haven’t seen him around much but @Countryboyjvd1971 is the guy I’d be asking.


Yeah I was thinking I would still have intake and exhaust fans. Hmm. I will spend a little mind share on it and ruminate. This seems like a good thing to think about over a bowl.


You need the MAN! @Countryboyjvd1971 may be able to help.

Tag, you’re it John! Hahaha.


I do have zoned heating and could install a zone in the basement. That sounds more complicated but then would have an eye to the future as well.