The Traveling Grower - The Struggle From the Road



Ya, a few inches should due. You’ll get reflection bonus if there’s any drop off, which I wouldn’t expect to see much until you’re well over a foot.


It was 10” from the front wall so I decided to leave it alone.


Oh ok. You feel like you have pretty good coverage there with the spacing to other lights?

A lot of times the reflection factor is way underestimated. If you look towards the commercially built fixtures, they leave quite a bit of room from walls banking on the reflection. Not say you need to, but it would be better to have best intensity at heart of canopy than the alternative. If you feel you’re good there, then run with it.


Well I ended up moving it to 12" from the front wall. I zipped up the tent and peaked in from the corner to see how it looked with the reflection and saw that I could easily move it in another 2". Now it’s overlapping with the other two lights and I have one little “triangle of brilliance” going on in the back center of the tent. There are a couple of promising GL buds developing in that spot.

I’ll be very curious how the different areas of the plants finish up.


That sounds like you’re cooking with steam! About how much longer you feel like you have left on this run?


Sunday starts the 3rd week of flower, so I would think another 5-6 weeks past that? GL has a flower time of around 8-9 weeks I think. SSH is also 9 weeks so I think they should finish around the same time. GL might be earlier. My birthday is Feb 10 so I was hoping I would be giving myself a present right around there.


Definitely enough time that the extra light will help this harvest. Awesome!


That’s why I was kind of in a rush. :slight_smile: I saw that I had two good plants coming out of veg and figured I should do what I could right now to help them along.


I think you did right by them, so hopefully they’ll produce that birthday present you’re looking for.


Thanks for the pics, first time I understood what the hell everyone is doing. How was cost and true watts?


Full update today.

Today marks the 91st day since the seeds sprouted. It marks the 28th day since the lights were flipped to 12/12. It marks the 13th day of first sign of pistils.

FIrst of all, let me start this update with a safety briefing: If you are going to use an aquarium heater for your reservoir, DO NOT under any circumstances, leave it plugged in while you are changing your reservoir! It is only designed to work submersed. It will most definitely start a fire if you leave it in open air and don’t have the thermostat plugged in. I discovered this the hard way this morning when my roots started to become a brush fire. These roots:

Of course now I see the debris that fell in there too. Oh well. Anyway, I didn’t do too much damage, just a few of the roots on the near right edge got singed a little bit. Lesson learned.

I changed both plants out completely today, and as of 10 minutes ago they are sitting at the following numbers:

Gold Leaf: PH 5.85 and PPM of 870
Super Silver Haze: PH 5.79 and PPM of 1070

I should note that on this batch of water I didn’t add any Cal/Mag - I ran out and my new bottle doesn’t get delivered until tomorrow. So I bumped up the Micro and Bloom to compensate PPM-wise. Speaking of which, I need to order bloom nutes too.

Here are the plants before the res change:

I do notice a bunch of leaves on both plants have turned up quite a bit with the new light. I have a better pic of what I mean coming.

Here are the plants after the res changes:

And here is more of a street level view of each:

And a close up of each:

If you see anything I should be worried about let me know!


They look pretty darn good to me…


Thanks! I’m stressing because this is exactly where things fell apart for me on my last grow. I know what my issue was then (not enough light), and I think I’ve addressed it, but I didn’t have to deal with these temps and low humidity issues last grow either, so basically this is like a first grow in many, many ways for me.


I stress over mine too because I’ve not been successful yet. I’m real close to the minimum amount of light as well. The heat stunted my last grow.


You’re going to appreciate low humidity in another month or so lol.


I was about to type what @Myfriendis410 did.

They look good dude, I think you’re going to be on easy street with this one.


@Bogleg you’re doing a great job! I always love when the leaves stretch for the light after a good feeding. It’s just as if they’re thanking me. Low humidity is good.


I was putting the plants to bed and noticed this has started:

Happy New Year everyone!


Stack them pistils! Lots of frost showing already too. I think you’re gonna have a good one right there!

Happy new year to you as well!


Furnace isn’t working. Temp in the house is down to 55F. Off to replace the air filter but with it out still no heat. Ugh. Hopefully the little heater in the tent keeps up. Got down to 50F last night in the tent.