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Hello all - I am about to start germinating seeds for my second grow (I am a couple of weeks away from harvesting my first ever grow).

Here is my complete set up:

Lights: A pair of 1500W (260W actual) KingPlus LED lamps
Room: 4’x4’x80" Tent
Ventilation: 6" duct fan connect to carbon filter for exfil at the top of the tent; 6" duct fan for intake at bottom of tent; one 6" clip on fan and one 8" fan for circulation in the tent
Grow Medium: Deep Water Culture Hydro with 3.5 gallon Bubble Boy Pots with clay pellets in the net pots

My first grow I grew six ILGM Crystal plants in a “sea of green” kind of attempt. I randomly topped/fimmed the plants and have a lot of stuff growing every direction in my tent. This grow, I want to try and be better organized and try out some other growing methods, so I am considering a scrog. I’m just not sure how many plants I should grow. I’m thinking in a 4x4 scrog I could probably grow one SSH and one GL and fill it up depending on veg time. But if I’d like a shorter grow, would it be okay to do 2 of each plant type with shorter veg time? I am thinking once I have viable seedlings, going until 4-5 nodes, topping, going until the new tops have enough growth to top again, and then switching to flower a week later. I guess I can play it by ear on how long to veg to fill the screen… ?

My first grow I didn’t lollipop or do anything out of the ordinary, really (I did thin out one plant a little in early flower to experiment and see what would happen). This time I am going to top and lollipop them and try to get a good canopy with better air flow and efficiency than what I have going on right now.

If you were attempting scrog the first time in a 4x4 tent how many plants (Gold Leaf and/or SSH) would you grow?

I will be updating this thread regularly of course once I have more to post, but for now I am in the planning stages.


Hey buddy I grow in soil but with a scrog set up I suggest one plant to get the most benefit from the technique
I actually just started a indoor scrog with one gold leaf a few weeks ago so not much to show you on that I’ll tag you in to my threads
But I do have a out scrog going
She’s a ssh clone in a 25 gal pot screen is 8 long and 4 foot wide

Take your time with it and go with 1 imo
Happy growing tag me if you have any questions @Bogleg oh and welcome to the best grow community online brother
Peace :v: :cowboy_hat_face: CB


Wow - that’s beautiful! How long did you veg that SSH for? Did you do any trimming or anything before you laid it down in the scrog? I’m curious what that plant looked like before you put it in the screen.


It grows up into the screen, he didn’t place it down onto the plant if that’s what you’re asking about. This is proof that a single plant can easily fill a 4x4’ SCROG.

If I was going to do a SCROG with a DWC setup (which I have done lol), I would do 1 plant in that size tent. It’s your choice of Gold Leaf or SSH, but both are great choices! They’ll grow quickly in DWC and under the screen if done properly.

Also, keep in mind with your DWC that you’ll need to be emptying your reservoir weekly to refill it. I personally remove the bucket and replace it with a clean bucket filled with fresh nutrients and water. The problem I knew I would encounter was going to be lifting the net pot with plant in it and screen on top, while switching out buckets. So it’s just something to think about and try to pre-plan for.



@ktreez420 & @Countryboyjvd1971 got you covered @Bogleg these guys are outstanding


It was a ssh clone that. Started back in April or so I’ll look for pictures I let it veg all summer it out side
I started it inside and moved it out I’ll need to see when I want to say mid may maybe @Bogleg
She only started flowering about two weeks ago maybe 3
In doors you can veg as long as she t takes to fill screen 6 weeks at most
happy growing :cowboy_hat_face: :v: CB

I use a siphon pump to change the water. How did you end up solving the problem of having to raise the lids to change the buckets? My current grow I can slide the lids open enough to check PH and PPMs and siphon water in and out.

Simple pulley system attached to the lid made it super easy.



I’ve taken the advice given here and compromised with myself (more like, I gave in to myself). Last night I popped one SSH and one GL into rapid rooters. I’ve decided I’m going to go with one of each type of seed and still attempt a SCROG. I’m going to head to the store today to buy the stuff to build the SCROG. Before I do that - anyone ever tried one of the modular trellis nets you can find on Amazon for 2x2 and 4x4 tents?

My plan (man I spend a lot of time thinking about this) for these plants:

  1. Germinating in rapid rooters soaked in PH’d water in a standard seed starter with humidity dome
  2. Once seedlings are viable, move to my cloner
  3. Move from cloner to bubble buckets once the plants look big enough to me
  4. One the plants have 5 nodes, top each plant and remove nodes 1-3
  5. Top the plant a second time once the two “main” nodes are big enough to top
  6. Put in the SCROG net and train the plant to the net
  7. Switch to flower and continue training the plant to the net

That’s the general overview of the plan. Thoughts?

Why one of each? I’m not just new to growing MJ (or growing anything really), but I’m also very new to consuming MJ. So as you can imagine I have a thirst for knowledge and experience. I’m a tinkering type so I don’t mind experimenting and failing; that’s how you learn. :slight_smile:


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Day 4 (3.5 days really) since I put the seeds in the rapid rooters. Still waiting. :slight_smile: I am going to be heading out of town until Sunday. Hopefully when I get back I’ll see sprouts.


I peaked under the little piece of torn rapid rooter I put over the holes for the seeds, and can see the SSH is sprouting. The GL I can’t see anything yet but it’s a little further in the plug.

Here is how I made my scrog screen old fence and deck rail one by ones made 2 of them so I can go wider or I can go with a double stack

all made from crap laying around out in the garage


I have the stuff to make one out of PVC and string. If I get some screws I actually have the stuff to make individual screens for each pot… this grow I’ve decided not to do that, though, because I want to get as close as I can to a 4x4 screen. If I put individual screens on each bucket I can’t see how I really can get bigger than 24x24, which would be 4x2 total. In any case, first scrog attempt, so I am keeping it simple.

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That will work to my friend usually when I do a scrog I doubled the size of my pot that it’s planted in normally use a 5 gallon indoor this time I’m going up to a 15 gallon just for the one it sounds like you got it brother the girls look great


@Bogleg you’re in good hands here. Wonderful people, extremely nice and super smart! Hanging out here is like having your own personal gardening crew… Good luck with the SCROG.
We are also planning to SCROG this grow. :v::seedling:


Before I left this morning I noticed the SSH sprouted. No signs of life from the GL yet.


On the way back home from my trip. My SSH seed emerged with no leaves. Not sure what happened there. GL didn’t emerge. I will retry and use the wet paper towel method.

Well, I checked the GL seed and it had popped - just not emerged. So I gently closed it back up in the rapid rooter and I’ll just wait a few days and see what happens. The SSH turned it’s little stem with no leaves on it (yet?) towards the light… I think I’ll name her Carol Ann… I will wait and see what happens with that one too, but so far it’s still alive.

Welcome to the ILGM forums @Bogleg I missed this journal when you started it! Another MA here! Good luck with your grow and congrats on all the positives! (bio)


Thanks @bob31.

Sad update - I lost both seeds. The SSH sprouted but came up with no leaves and didn’t recover. the GL developed a taproot but it got caught up in the rapid rooter and curled around the seed shell, and nothing ever happened after that.

I’m going to follow the ILGM germination method (wet paper towel) and just do ONE seed instead of two. I’m going to pick an SSH. I built a 3x3 screen out of PVC and string that I will use for the SCROG. I’m still at least a week away from harvesting what I have in my one tent now, but I did order a CFL kit so I can set up a shelf for seedlings/clones and run them while my main area is still in flower. This should provide me gentler lighting options for the youngins too. I’ll try germinating another seed after the weekend. I have my mom coming to visit this weekend so I have to stay low key on the grow op. :slight_smile: