The Toy Store List

I am compiling a wishlist of toys to grow with. I am finishing up my first grow soon, but I am sure there are lots of other stuff I wish I had, but may not even know exists. Kind of like my first air pump.(I did not know what a good one was at the time). So, this what I have… Good Air Pump w/6 outlets… Air Stones, Tubing, Anti-Reflux Valves, pH/TDS Meters (good ones and cheap ones)…Rh/Temp Meter… Humidifier… Electric Timers… Vacuum (sits on top of 5 gallon bucket)… Oscillating Fan… Syringes and Turkey Baster… Hand-Held Microscope… There are a couple other wishes-Universal Microscope w/LED to fit all phones, also a 3-piece Macro/Fisheye/ type lens for phone(For some good trich pics). So what else is in YOUR toybox?

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