The tips of my leaves are burning and turning yellow what can I do to help

Nutrient concentration is too high, also known as nute burn. Most likely. Might also be pH related.

How can I solve this problem?? Or can this be solve??

Rinse or flush your growing medium or soil, with about 3 times the volume of water to soil, with properly pH’ed water. That will get the extra nutrients out of the medium or soil.

Look into those articles and learn what to watch for, so as not to have the pH or nutrient concentration get too high thereafter.

I have a quick question the water I used for my plants it’s straight from the river I live way in the forest in the Dominican Republic now my concern is if the water is perfect for my plants since it’s straight natural from the river

I would check the ph of the water and then check it after adding nutrients
I use only rain water here in the States…it seems to have a straight up PH of 5.5 every time then it chages when I add nutrients then i’ll have to use ph up to bring it to 5.5 - 6.0