The tip of my plant is getting a weird bend

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

The tip of my plant is getting a weird bend in it and I was wondering if this was natural. It is also a hybrid of Alaskan thunder fuck and dragon breathe and I cannot to save my life find anything out about this strain. My stem is getting purple and I didn’t know if it was natural for it or not. An the tips are starting to die im keeping it on a 20-4 light schedule rn and I was wondering if there was any nutrients I should use besides the guano company brand of .5 .5 .1.


From your pic, plant looks fine

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Many growers start with establish what the pH of their root zone is at. If pH is not in the correct zone then a plethora of problems can begin to arise…

Once pH had been established then you can begin to look at other things like nutrient concentrations or over watering

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