The sweet taste of dirt

When using 2 kinds of soil and growing the same strain does the taste between the two different after harvest The reason I’m asking is I grew the same strain as a friend but we use different soil and fertilizer only thing we both use are the same lighting After harvest my plant was more potent and had a rich savory taste My friends was way less potent and the taste was weak.


I can almost guarantee your grows had more variables than the ones you listed. You had different temperatures, humidity, and habits. Did you harvest in the exact same manner?

Also, was it the same cultivar? Did you both grow the same clone? Because unless you did they were not the same plant.


And even if you did start with “identical” clones, EVERYTHING would have to be the exact same for them to turn out almost the same. Sounds like yours was probably getting more light and nutrients than your friend’s.

I had way more air flow and space The Temps were about the same indoor grow only No cloning and my harvest was a month behind his The seeds were from the same batch

Seeds are like different kids from the same parent though. Differences in genotypes and phenotypes will exhibit from one to another.

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It sounds like the soil wasn’t your buddy’s issue.