The sunset is purple and gold

Hello y’all, sorry for the delay, I’ve been tempting to make a post for days but have been exhaustedly working so I apologize.

Monday I flipped the lights to 12/12 and started week one of bloom feeding.

I took the 2 clones I cut and moved them to another tent. I want to drop a couple of seeds in a couple weeks so that I can keep a grow growing pretty much ur round. I think I have figured out the math so that there will be plants growing in a tent and blooming in another. Let’s see how this works out for me.

Here is a pic of the clones. No judgment pls it was the first time I’ve cut and planted clones. The fact they are still alive after 2 weeks is a success for me. I think I should have pruned the large fan leaves, they look like they are during any ways. As of right now they are just getting B52, voodoo, piranha, and tarantula. No grow a/b yet, I want the roots to develop then I will move to a normal feeding program with them.

Here are my girls, this pic was done yesterday.

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Your plants are so compact because your stomping them with light, give less light in veg to help encourage them to stretch. Kick the lighting in harder when they start to stretch pre flower.

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Thanks for that! So back down to like 60-75% then turn up to 100 for flower? Does that sum it up?

Turn it down to 50% and go from there, watch the node spacing. If node spacing isn’t 1 inch then lessen light, more light less spacing.

Durring stretch crank it or pre flower.

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We are closing the door on week 1 of and I really couldn’t be happier. I did some training and I did some trimming. I haven’t really done anything to the gold leaf except for one I topped. Today while adjusting the training I accidentally broke one of the branches from where I top it. I felt sick! It didn’t fully break off so I too one of my green wires and pulled it back to the main stem and twisted it to hold it. I hope it doesn’t die! But if it does it’s my own fault. This pic is before and then after the training. The last pic is of the clones I cut a couple weeks ago, they will start nuts on Monday.


@Nicky do you think I’ll loose the one I broke?

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Dono is thst the pic of it on the close up? Did you put honey on it?
How long has it been? How’s the leaf mate look on it?

I honestly have never tried to rescue a branch lok

Yes the closeup is where it broke, didn’t know about honey, it happen yesterday morning. I haven’t been in the tent yet. It feeding day so I’m getting that ready along with cooking breakfast for the bride who’s still sleeping. What’s the deal with honey?

Ok good morning all, day 7 of bloom and things are looking really good. I’m done with training, now I will just keep the big fan leaves tucked and let the buds shine! I’m thinking the rino skin I’m am using is going to help heal the break yesterday



It should heal, remember to put honey on breajs and tape them asap in the future.
Honey may still help put a glob on it.

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No pics today but I did feed the girls right after lights out, been doing that more and more lately, they seem to do better watered at dark. Anybody have any thoughts?

Those are nice looking. I just started a sunset sherbet 2 weeks old and just harvested a goldleaf so ide like to tag along and watch urs finish growing if udont mind :v::ok_hand:

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Heck yeah man tag alone. I have only done LST with the gold leaf… the are to the right of the singular plant (prh). The he 2 on the left are the sorbet and I’ve done cropping and LST. Hope you enjoy the ride!!!

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Nice. You’re headed towards a nice flowering cycle. I usually just top once and alot of lst but i wanna try out super cropping. Maybe ill try on one of them later on

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Howdy y’all, thinks progressing nicely. 2nd week of bloom.

Oh I’m not doing a journal on it, but the two clones I cut are doing great! I dropped 2 GSCE and 2 chc sounday evening, no sprouts.

Back to these girls very happy how this look.


Nothing really to report.
Gave the girls a good feeding today of 4 cups ea.
The break seems to have healed, well it hasn’t died anyways, that’s a good sign and it’s been I think 5 days ago.

what’s up y’all, happy saturday to ya. Today i started the week 3 nutes schedule. I don’t think i talked to much about the first two weeks. so the first two weeks i used the following
Sensi Bloom A
Sensi Bloom B
Bud Candy
Rhino Skin
Bud Factor X
Voodoo Juice
Bud Ignitor
on week 2 of bloom i added big bud.

Week 3 we take off bud ignitor, tarantula, piranha, and voodoo.
we added b-52 back to the line up and added Nirvana.

this will be the line up for the next 3 weeks then we take off the big bud and add overdrive.

yesterday i took these photos.

Uploading: IMG_5769.JPG…

have a great weekend :slight_smile:


They’re looking good but honestly u really dont need to use half that shit until shes in full bloom. Its your plant so you can do as you please but i just making a suggestion. Good luck :+1::v:

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appreciate the feedback, i am going off of their web sight and the nutrient calculated that provide. i know that having that rhino skin saved my on gold leaf. Its the first time with all of these nuts so i am following the recommended doses and such for now… then ill adjust based off of my observation of what they do. Like i cropped hard the PRH, but have not done hardly any on the gold leaf, i just want too see what the difference is. You can read about it till your blue in the face but until you actually experiment you will never know. well that’s my opinion anyways for what its worth. Hell i don’t have a clue what i am doing, but i am learning as i go.


The rhino skins ok currently but the bud candy and a few others are just being wasted in a way. But as long as you’re maintaining your ph and ppms correctly and shes recieving the correct ratios then by all means have at it lol

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