The sunset is purple and gold

Yes very! They are turning kinda fast, so many more cloudy in just 5 days I am thinking that maybe I will flush in four or five days and then turn the lights out. But I will be checking in a couple days to see where they are to give me a better idea of my time line. I harvested to early last time so I am waiting for sure on this batch


Think of it as a fine wine or good whiskey. Both improves with age.


I think they are pretty close!


I like that! I have been harvesting with littl to no amber and I’m kinda wanting to see just a smidge of amber. I want to see the difference if any. I’ll be able to tell with the purple haze as the last grow had little to none and it gives me the twitches. Last time I harvested as the buds came ready this time I’m chopping the plant, I need the space I have seedlings that aren’t going to be seedlings for much longer lol. I’m not going to rush it, either. I can keep the girls in the little tent for a month or more if need be.

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Ok I gave them a closer look and still a few days away. I’ll check again on Saturday before feeding to see we’re we are. If they are ready then flush and lights out, if not I will continue with normal feeding. So anxious to find out the weight, these buds are tight and heavy!


Name your strain

Well here we are it’s Saturday and I have a decision. After look at the photos, I’m going to wait a couple more days yet before flush and lights out. Some may argue tht they are ready but I’m still going to hold off. I’ll take a look tomorrow and see but I’m think mid to late next week.

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Purple haze 1 @beardless

Purple haze 2



I am with you on holding off. Thanks for the PH photo update & tag. They look great. I am looking forward to growing mine. Speaking of

Topped down to the third node.

The gang

You can see a couple of them have what I thought was a CalMag deficiency. Given how much extra CalMag and Epsom salt I have given them, I wonder if my diagnosis is correct. Did you have similar issue with yours?

I haven’t had any nutrient issues, the fan leaves like to wilt even with good water intake. I’ve been using advanced nutrients, Sensi grow and bloom, with other supplements from them as well. I doubled up this go around in the nirvana and big bud, the PH handled it really well, I got some slight nut burn on the gsce but the PH did just fine with it. I pay a little more for the nutrients but it’s ph perfect and it has all my plants need with out adding extra like cal mag.

I like advanced nutrients and used it the last couple of grows. Time to change gears and going to the dark side. Coco and Jacks and Peat & Jacks. I will supplement with AN, Sensisym, Big Bud, Bud Candy, Nirvana & Piranha & Voodoo Juice.

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I would like to know more been thinking about going to soilless myself

Have you been feeding them alot of nutrients? Looks more like potassium.

Calcium. Is

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It is funny for you to point to K deficiency. I was not totally confident in it being a calmag problem given the amount of calmag and 20% added epsom salt I have been giving them. I took another look and I came away thinking exactly that, potassium. I guess I talked myself out of it though. I didn’t think K deficiency was generally associated with Jacks 321 (170 ppm tap) and my ph has been good at 5.8 - 6.0.
ps nothing else added yet - straight jacks with occasional shot of calmag

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Nice little chart, where did u find it?

Best thing to do is flush and start fresh in reality. Then see if it continues to get worse, worry about it then. Or just give water only for a time or two.
Measure your ppm in wmof your tap water, and measure ppm out.

This will help give you a better picture of what t’s going on, always need images combined with numbers.

@BigCountry74 I have a folder of all sorts of resources, can’t remember to long ago lol.

I have only used potash to add k to my soil outside. You could take maybe a quater teaspoon and add to a cup of water. Not sure if that will wrk.

Can’t post competitors links here sorry.

I wanted to give coco a try but was hesitant about the water/feed frequency. Picked up a one pot autopot system and let it rip. This is the set up on 4/14 Purple kush

A week later on 4/21 after I tied her down some more

Today she is reaching above the frame.

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Join my autopot club I say lol

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I just transplanted them into 5 gallon self watering buckets filled with peat mix. Have to see if they come around. One plant has no signs of deficiency, and one shows more than the other two. Go figure

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