The can I induce it?


Hello, all! I’m new to the forum. This isn’t my first post, but I will use it to introduce myself. I go by Jeff, or Jefe. I live in Nevada, and I’m a medical cardholder. I’m allowed 12 plants total, with no more than 6 flowering. This is my first grow, although I feel like I’ve already done it ten times, with all the research I’ve done…until I run into problems lol!

I’ve found a ton of useful info, and some cool people already, and I look forward to gleaning as much as I can from you walking encyclopedia of growers! :slight_smile:

My grow has gone great so far, with the exception of me breaking a branch while attempting some training, and misunderstanding foliar feeding and burning a few leaves…both great learning experiences. But she (hopefully, she…Canuk White Widow fem freebie from True North) is just so squat! This is partially my fault. I’ve topped her, twice, for more bud sites for my ScrOG. But even before I topped, the internodal spacing was nil.

I understand she will stretch two, maybe three times in size in the first few weeks of flowering. I plan to put her in the dark from Sunday night for 36 hours, then switch to 12/12 Tuesday morning. I have the bush I want, branches/budsite-wise, but I can light up so much more plant.

That’s today, two days (English is so weird) after topping the second time. I had a four-way plant going, broke the one branch, and it was just dying so I removed it. Then, after topping, not counting all the undergrowth, I should have 12-15 good buds. I plan to more or less lollipop her from the screen down, if she ever reaches it. I wanted to do this before inducing flowering.

So, my question is, how do get her to stretch? Is this just White Widow genetics? I’ve seen lots of videos where the guy is growing White Widow alongside other strains, and she is shorter, typically…but usually not so squat. Another thing is, I expect her to explode, somewhat, after the new moon. I’ve been following a lunar gardening calendar in caring for this beautiful plant. Amazing stuff. Nature is so awesome…I’m high, I’ll stop.

Anyway, am I just being impatient? Am I going to regret wishing she’d grow taller, in my tiny box? Lol!

I’ve raised my lights about as high as I can, and this puts them about double the manufacturers recommended minimum height to avoid leaf burn. (That part always confused me, because I plan to burn it all in the end, anyway :thinking: ) Would turning off the blue spectrum help her stretch? I’m running full spectrum now, hoping for the best all-around growth…by the way, she already smells fantastic! :smiley:

I’ll give as much info as I can, and I look forward to all your responses. This place is so rad.

One Canuk White Widow feminized seed I got for free with my order from True North seed bank. I accidentally broke their souvenir rule when I dropped the seed in my glass of water, so after soaking it in water for a few hours, I went ahead and germinated it in a peat plug, directly in FFOF with 1/3 perlite added, in a 3 gallon smart pot, which is sitting in a black plastic pan. The temperature in the box is consistently 75-80°F during the day (18 hours lights on) and 70-75°F overnight (6 hours lights out). It’s slightly cooler today, around 73, because I’m sitting here with the door open admiring her, allowing a lot more fresh air into the box…and some more co2, too, as I exhale…that can’t hurt. She smells so good! :crazy_face:

The lights are an Agro LED Dio-Watt 288 175 watt. They are about 24" above the adorable little canopy.

The higher the lights are (closer to the carbon filter/sucking) the cooler the box runs…simple physics in action, there. I regulate the fan speed based on temp/rh, along with the two inlet fans. I keep at least one fan pointed at the plant, and she has a main stalk the size off a pencil already. I’m blown away. :exploding_head:

The relative humidity is tough to keep where I’d like it, but with a humidifier in the room, nearby, it stays 30-40%, on average. We had some rain yesterday, so it’s around 45-50% today…yay! I’d much rather deal with low humidity than high humidity. Although, if I’m smoking in the room, isn’t it all high humidity? :astonished:

She’s been fed General Organics Go Box since about four weeks from sprout, filtered, dechlorinated tap water only up until then, and since then with nutrients, at the same temperature as the box so as not to shock her. I hate that, when the shower comes on and you get hit with cold water. I figured she wouldn’t like that either. She showed some yellow tips at first, probably from the hot soil, so I waited to feed. I use 2ml Grow, 1ml CalMag, 1ml bio root, 1ml bio weed, 1ml bio marine, and 1ml diamond black, all to 3 quarts of water, about every three days. I let the soil get dry to about 2" deep between feedings. She’s been taking more lately, and I will have to water more frequently soon. Probably very soon if I initiate flowering as planned.

Everything looks absolutely perfect, to my rookie eyes, other than the few damaged leaves I addressed before, and the lopsidedness. The slightly yellow look to the new growth is just the lighting. In good sunlight, she’s gorgeous. Perfect shade of green. Just short lol! What should I do, if anything?

Thanks in advance!



Sounds to me like you’re doing everything right. The classic “stretch” doesn’t start until you go to 12/12 and lasts 2-3 weeks

As for the tight nodes, I think that is just a feature of growing under LEDs. I grow under LEDs and had the same scrog plan as you and I have had exactly the same experience as you (see my grow journal). The plants stayed short and squat and simply aren’t suitable for scrogging. Eventually I ran out of patience and switched over to 12/12. I don’t regret that decision although I was a little worried about yield initially. I may yet need the scrog net to support the buds later in the grow, at least I hope so anyway.

I think the answer may be to veg under CFLs/T5s and then flower under LEDs but to be honest things are going well enough that I probably won’t bother

I’m really interested to see what other more experience growers have to say on this subject


Thanks, @DVM! You have some nice buds going there. They must smell awesome!

I suspected the leds early on, but I think I may have had them too close, too, just blasting her with light.

I have some citrus skunk seeds ready to go that I know will be more sativa-like in their growth patterns. I might save the scrog for those and continue with the plan for Sunday.


Turning off the blue will create a little further node spacing, but all that topping is working against you.



I was in the grow tent tonight and they certainly are starting to stink. One is reaching for the sky and all three have expanded horizontally to the point were I doubt I could get more than four total on my 3x3 tray.

This is very different behavior to previous grows I did years ago under CFL/HPS, it has to be the LEDS. I’m quite sanguine about it though, I don’t miss having to call and warn the local air traffic control that my sativa dominant plants were about to flower


Thanks @dbrn32! Done and done.


@DVM :grin: hilarious!



I hear what you say about topping but I am seeing inter-nodal spacing of just a couple of millimeters and that was before topping


Once you put her in the flower she will double if not triple in size or more as long as you got enough light you will be very happy and it looks like you have it all under control


I went with LED lights, because of the space requirements, and anything else seemed like it would be way too difficult to control temperatures.


Thanks, @Hogmaster


Hey there, Jeff! I’d like you elaborate on what my good friend @dbrn32 said. The topping is forcing the plant to branch out and become more bushy, rather than tall with a single cola. This is almost certainly what you want if you wish to scrog. You should absolutely continue to top/fim. The reason your node spacing is so tight is due to the lighting. Adding more red and less intensity will help it to stretch. Honestly, once you flip to 12/12 it is going to take off anyway, so I think you’re good. Just be patient and enjoy the grow! :smiley:


She looks great buddy she will blow up on 12/12 just let her do her thing and just tuck and keep tucking till your screen is full great job



Is that a 3 gallon Smart Pot? If so then your plant is almost exactly the same size as mine were when I flipped to 12/12. Comparing that to my latest pics should give you an idea how much they stretch - @Hogmaster is right when he says 2-3X


Thanks @3high5you! Yes, that’s exactly what I was going for. A nice, wide, flat bush, for a scrog.


Oh, and the initial stretch tends to be very pale green (at least in my experience) so don’t freak out


Yes @DVM, 3 gal smart pot. Perfect! So I’m not alone at least. 2-3x growth will fill out the screen, 18x22, very nicely.


@DVM, pale as in drop in nitrogen feeding?


Well, if it’s like mine then you won;t be scrogging in the classical sense but you will have a nice even canopy (and you won’t need a flashing red light on top of the main cola)

Yeah, pale green, they look like they are short of N but they green up again quite quickly. One grow I had I swear put on 1-2" over night, it really is suprising the first time


Right on, good info!