The stretch after switch

Just a question for more experienced folks. Im into my latest grow and i have yet to get a plant to grow taller than about 3 ft tall. I, like a lot of newbies went with the WWA 10 plus 10 pack from ILGM. I grew all but 2 of those with varying success. But all were short. I know from reading here that was most likely genetics. Have since gone to photos and after a failed attempt with a black widow that hermied and had to be removed prematurely, ive got a couple of girls that are showing signs of being possibly my best effort yet. Bruce Banner photo in back Skywalker O G photo in front.

That being said…is it all light or is it all genetics or both. I was expecting a 50 percent boost in height after switch. The BB in back stretched only about 8 inches. And the Sky O G is still in stretch but has been for about a week and a half with not much movement. My light is a HLG 240 quantum board.

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I would think of those two options it would be genetics. I’m new but I have seven different strains in my tent. Flipped them two weeks ago. One stretched like two - three inches and seems done already. The others all stretched to different degrees. Some almost doubling already. I started the flip with an even canopy through training. It is anything but even now two weeks into 1212. They definitely started 1212 with the same light conditions as each other.

What are you feeding? Did you switch nutes at the start of 1212? I am still feeding nitrogen heavy foliage stuff to the stretchers to feed that stretch.

They look good man!

Thanks E. Yeah…nutes are fox farm trio and following the schedule.

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