The strains of gorilla glue

Question for those with much more knowledge than myself is the following; I recently went to the blog and looked for gorilla glue and I found that there is gorilla glue 1, gorilla glue 4 and gorilla glue ilgm. What is any is the difference between the three. Would it be like for example, I know it not same but lets say some types of tomato or other veg. variety I know it is not weed but small differences between them. I am interested because I just ordered from ilgm there gorilla glue. thanks to all.


@Bogleg may be able to help you out

You’re seeing Girl Scout Cookies now labeled “Cookies” and Gorilla Glue shortened to “GG” in dispensaries around town for similar reasons, following legal threats. Gorilla Glue #4’s breeder, GG Strains LLC, was even sued by the original Gorilla Glue, and agreed to stop using the name in 2017 after settling in court. Other pot companies have taken notice, slowly changing the names of the two strains to avoid getting sued. Not everyone is on board yet, but expect to see this trend spread across dispensaries and strain breeders.

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OK that makes sense to me, thanks

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