The stock can not support the weight

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I put the seeds in a cup of water with a ph of 6.2,for 24 hours go from there to a paper towel and 2 suucers, one is for a cover and keep them moist till the tail root shows outside the seed, from there to a rapid rooter plug and under the flouresent light in my BCNL grow box,from which they start growing immediately,The problem is that they streach up so fast that the stock can not support the weight if the top of the plsnt
,so it falls over,end of story,The plant is white widow auto
15 of my 20 seeds have had the same fate.I have been doing it this way for years now,do you know what is going wrong?

Your light may be to far away and the plants are streaching to reach it. Help support them by using a popcicle stick or some thing like that. and or add more soil for support. But i do believe your light is to far away


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Also to add to @garrigan62 do you have a fan for air circulation that will help strengthen the stalk too

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Any fan will do. Just turn it on so the leafs of the plant just dance…ok

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Did you get one with hid lighting? If so, are you using the mh or hps bulb? Those boxes are pimp btw!

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