The stem snap in drying

So my question is this. When drying I’ve always read you want the buds to feel like popcorn and the stems to snap. Does that mean when you bend it it just snaps in half, or just pops when bent. My Purple Kush is about at that point, my Purple Haze and GDP still have some more to go for sure. I’m thinking I jar the Kush tomorrow, that will be 8 days of drying at 65⁰ and 50-55% humidity. Thanks for the help in advance.


You’ll be able to bend the smallest stem with two fingers & it’ll snap, that’s generally how you know it’s ready to cure. :grin:
(This could vary with the size of your nugs though)


also depends on if they are LARF or nice tight buds. The LARF I’ve had before needed to be in jars before the tight ones as they dry out sooner in the middle. Where as the dense buds had more moisture inside, so the branch breaking thing wasn’t a good idea for the LARF in my case.

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