The start of something wonderful (shed build)


Sweet! @Countryboyjvd1971 yeah I thought it was the same as the standup one you showed me. Thanks my friend!


Anytime bro
I think youll be happy with that and it should be fairly efficient since it will heat the oil up and only maintain oil temp :+1:
Happy growing
Fyi i iust dropped 12 more beans brother


Jealous for sure on dropping some beans! Soon enough for me.


Cant wait to see tou in action with new space bro


Well hoping for some good work to get done on the grow room. I have enough plywood to get the grow room done. Have to work on a ceiling of some kind and some mounting areas for the lights. Some paint and it could be almost usable. So I have been trying to figure out my exhaust and intake. @Countryboyjvd1971 @BIGE @Donaldj So what I have is a 4x6x8 grow room that the exhaust will dump into a 6x6x8 work area. The air intake will come from the same work area. I will be heating and cooling the work area not in the grow room mostly due to space. I want it all for plants. hahaha. For intake I have a 4in intake fan I believe it is around 200cfm. My exhaust fan 6in believe it is about 480 cfm. If I calculated correctly I will have plenty of cfm to turn the air around in the grow room regularly. How does this sound?
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Sounds good to me. If you don’t have already, some speed controls on fans will help tune and tweak for climate changes and such.


@Smokin_ernie that sound perfect :ok_hand:
Do you have speed controls on either exhaust or intake and do you plan on filtering both ways intake and exhaust?


@Countryboyjvd1971 @dbrn32 yes I have speed control for both. Yes I have a carbon filter for exhaust. Intake I would like to put a filter on it. Last time I used some kind of screen (bug shield) but would like I nice filter that can be changed when needed. Any suggestions on intake filter?


Awesome, I would think you should be pretty good like that. I have also used screen type filter on intake without any issues. I do believe one or more of the carbon filter manufacturers make specific intake filters that mount easily to duct fans. Cost was fairly steep for what you’re getting though.


Might be better making my own intake filter. Thanks I will look around a bit.


I use a carbon filter on my intake as well @Smokin_ernie for grow room and put screen over tent intakes


This filter fits intake vent on 4X4 tent.


I was looking into something like that. Have you hooked it up? How is the draw with it on?


There is a little drag. I had to increase exhaust a touch to maintain neg. pressure. I am going to add a small fan to intake. It is passive now and i think fan will pull more fresh air in. Peace


@oleskool830 to maintain a good neg pressure
Set you intake fan to about half speednof exhaust Speed
Either sized or using a speed controller
Passive venting is ok ut i perfer have forced air
Also nice to meet you


I think I told you my trick for intake I filter and balance using fabric wrapped drainage flex pipe which circles outer edge of each space and intakes passively, or should I say fresh air is sucked in :wink:


Yes you did and thats a great idea :bulb: my friend


Because the drainage pipe is a weaping flex pipe it doesn’t flood air in at 1 point it has tiny holes which let air in it’s entire length a fabric cover which stops bugs and dust


@Smokin_ernie you coukd probably use this same type of setup in tour soace rhat dj is using in his


Thanks @Donaldj @Countryboyjvd1971 I think I can picture what you are talking about with flex pipe but do you have a picture? I am getting some ideas for intake.