The start of something wonderful (shed build)


Looking good @Smokin_ernie. Progress, progress, progress. What a fun project.


Hey @Smokin_ernie! That sounds familiar. We put our house on the market recently so my grow got relegated to a shed out back also. I spread a 3" deep layer of cedar mulch covering the shed floor. Then I’ve got a couple of 4X4 tents sitting on pallets, on the cedar mulch. Cedar repels bugs, provides some insulation from the ground, and smells good. It just thawed out here this week so progress continues. Good Growin!


Hey @oleskool830 thanks. Cedar does smell nice one of my favorite smells. Yeah the deep freeze we were in haulted everything here. Today it broke out of the 20’s and was about 30something today and the rest of week is going to be above freezing. So more progress will happen this week.


@Smokin_ernie Have you thought about heating the shed or tent at night? What’s your plan for night time temps? Im looking for some inspiration. I did find this for inside tent.

Uploaded image twice apparently. Not sure how to fix it. Sorry…


Cadet Electric Baseboard Heater - 120 Volt, 500 Watt, White, Model# 2F500W-1W

Looking in to something like this.


I have only grown in a tent in the shed and was during the summer so didn’t have to worry about heat. @oleskool830


That electric base board is perfect youll need a line voltage thermostat as well @Smokin_ernie

These are the ines we use at work ? But one similar is good


@Smokin_ernie As far as using flat white paint or panda plastic
Either will work panda plastic might help act as a vapor barrier as well and help block any potential light leaks ??
I just ordered a roll 10 x 100 for I believe 5 mill thick off amazon and it was like 75$
So figure out how may cans of paint youll need see what more economical
Thays how i would approach it anyway lol
Happy growing brother


Don’t forget to check your local Habitat for Humanity ReStore, etc for discounted paint etc :+1:


Good tip @SmoknGranny


Thanks CB :hugs:. People forget about good resources in their areas which are useful to both growers and the local community.


thanks @SmoknGranny good call there used to be one the next town over but pretty sure it is closed. I have to do some more looking. The ones I have found are a little bit of a drive and probably use the money saved on paint and use it for gas.haha

@Countryboyjvd1971 The paint I am looking at is about 22$ a gallon kilz premium primer. So probably just stick to the paint. I was also checking out baseboard heaters and it looks like the hydronic ones are the way to go. Have you had any experience between the convention and hydronic baseboard heaters?


I’m glad that I’m not the only one who computes cost of gas :fuelpump:️ to determine what is the best deal $$ Thank goodness for Amazon :grimacing:


Hyrdronic means water his would you get the water out to shed and needs a boiler
Electric is easy
If you want a free stand heater i would go with a oil filled type like this one

Imo they are safest space heaters

Fyi im familar with most forms of heating
Ive done radiant heat , forced air , base board heat pumps geo thermal etc


Would you use the baseboard heater inside the tent or outside tent to heat shed? I like the thermostat.


Thanks brother! @Countryboyjvd1971 Excellent I saw a baseboard heater on amazon with specially formulated heat transfer liquid which must be fancy for oil. I get more info for you. Just taking a break from working on shed. Back to work.


I plan to put it outside. That is the plan anyways.


So made a little bit more progress tonight got some more insulation and some plywood up. It is starting to look like a grow room.


Fahrenheat PLF750 Hydronic Baseboard Heater, 120-volt



I like it @Smokin_ernie i thought you where talking about regular hydronic base board my bad brother
That’s basically the same thing as the oil filled space heater i showed you and will be safe to run while unattended :+1: good call my friend