The start of something wonderful (shed build)


Me and you both @Smokin_ernie , got 20 ww , 10 crystal , 5 goldleaf coming. Sent cash about the 22nd.
:sunglasses: here’s to the US mailpeeps
Well and international postal service


Sweet! @Nug-bug the gold leaf is nice. Just grew that one. It is like a fine wine keeps getting better the more it cures.

:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:that the postal service does what they are supposed to.


Hey I forgot about that, so how strong is the smell of goldleaf? Would it be a good one to go outside with neighbors within a 100yds?


that is a great question @Nug-bug…i would like to know also…


Hey bud did you get the heater yet ?
Just saw your post about that
I perfer the oil filled type electric heaters you have less chance of a fire
Especially since you will be leaving iy unattended?
Just a thought hope you had a Merry Christmas
And the new year is good to you my friend


@Nug-bug @BIGE I grew them outside and didn’t really notice a concentrated smell. When you got close they smelled. I took them in to finish because we were due for hot humid rainy weather for a long stretch. Finished them in a tent to try and avoid bud rot but got it anyways. I don’t have really any neighbors and there is wet lands behind my house. So I wasn’t too concerned about smell.

@Countryboyjvd1971 no haven’t gotten a heater yet. I will look into that. Yes very nice xmas. Happy new years to you as well.


the cold is here @Smokin_ernie,i’m going to look into a small heater today…
my night temps staying around 50-55 f but if it stays cold all day i believe i might needhelp…lol


I so know the feeling busted my roof racks stacking lumber and plywood on them fortunately an old Explorer so no guilt over scratches


Hello my friends made some great progress despite the frigid cold. Got both doors working properly. One of them went in with no issues. The other took a little extra work but it is in place. Got some insulation up on 2 walls of the grow room. Can already feel the difference. Haha

Well the frigid weather is going to be around for a while. Still got plenty of work to do. So we will see what happens. Photo are tough in the space a bit tight and doesn’t look as good as it does in person.

@Donaldj @BIGE @dbrn32 @Countryboyjvd1971 @Ron330 @Screwauger @bob31 @SmoknGranny and I am sure there are more. Till next update peace


Another one @Capt_Seeweed @Covertgrower @70sChick @AnneBonny @Willd


Out of likes but this is awesome @Smokin_ernie


looking tight @Smokin_ernie it is coming together for you!!


Well it looks pretty darn good in the photos so in person I’m sure it’s spectacular.


Nice, everything is looking good, soon you will finish it and start growing in there :clap:


Thanks ! It is coming along nicely. So far it is going pretty smooth. I love building kind of wish i went into construction.


lol,it is hard on you after awhile @Smokin_ernie
very rewarding esp. if building your own projects!


I am sure @BIGE any kind of physical labor is going to do it. Then again if I did I wouldn’t enjoy working on it after a days work.


Well folks due to extreme cold temperatures not much has been happening. Temps warm up this week so some progress will be made.


gives you a chance to think about things @Smokin_ernie
when i was building my grow i was fighting the heat!!


the heat can be just as bad. I know it will get done just eggar to get going.