The start of something wonderful (shed build)


Thank you again @Screwauger I am officially reflecting on my life and this is so great to read


Long short - it’s a lifelong personality style that requires some adaptation to live cooperatively with others in society.

If I had lived it to it’s natural end, I would be a hermit living in the woods eating caught fish and trapping my winter meat supply all while attending my marijuana plants but…I had daughter’s and they would have questions! Humor, just a bit of humor. Peace @Fever


ho Ho HO! tis the season. Havent got much done lately been feeling a bit sick and the temps have been below freezing or just about. I had been looking for doors for the room and found some online yard sale for 50$ with frame. Solid wood doors. Was looking to get something insulated but they start around 180$ so not going there. I got some new shelving installed in the work/storage area of shed. Still more organizing to do but things are slowly moving. Hopefully this weekend I can get a bunch done. We will see. I am jonesing to drop some seeds.

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So what do you guys think for a heat source? I planning on running my exhaust into the work area and recycle the heat. With LED lights they don’t put out the heat say HPS light would. So looking for supplemental heat. I saw on amazon a baseboard electric heater for 110volts that looked pretty good.


i have not had to use heater yet @Smokin_ernie,the lowest i’ve dropped temp-wise 62deg…
bought my insulated door from lows 120$ metal/frame and all …
you will get it going soon enough brother,i’m still not done with mine!!lol


I could see it taking a while to be completely finished but then again are we ever completely finished there is always something that can be tweeked. That is awesome no heat needed. I forget what are you running for lights?


two mezhi 1200w on one end and 1000w hid on the other.
running 6 in exhaust on low just on light hood…
temps are staying around 80-84 lights on.


Try that waste LED heat before you go out and buy something. LEDs make almost as much heat as HID bulbs, it’s just spread out in more air. My wife has the grow room waste exhaust running into her office and it makes that the warmest room in the house. Just from 400 watts of COB fixtures. Even if LEDs are a little more efficient than HID, they just put out more light and less waste heat, but almost all of that light gets absorbed and reradiated as heat.

If the LED heat works, check the temperature just before the lights come on. You might need to add heat during lights off. Or just run 24/0 during veg.


Thanks @1BigFella I will give it try. The vision I am seeing in my head is that I will recirculate the air from grow room. So let me go further but before I do that I have to warn you I just smoked and made some brownies and I think the licking the bowl is kicking in haha LOL.

Any ways What I am thinking is that I will have 2 room insulated. One will be grow area and the other will be for working on plants and mixing nutrients etc. The exhaust from the grow area will shoot into the work area where I can put AC and dehumidifier. The intake air will be from the work area. or should intake come from the uninsulated part of the shed.


I think you should actually make the exhaust switchable between inside and outside for winter and summer. I just pull the flexible 6" duct off the outside vent and cover the opening in winter. You can get a lot fancier with duct valves from Home Depot but it seemed unnecessary.


Very good idea thank you. I have to look into those duct valves but it would not be like I am changing the valve a lot so maybe it is overkill.


Just a little update. Things are moving along. Picked up 2 doors yesterday for the setup. They are real nice solid wood. The door frames are in good shape.

A lot of it is framed in and just about ready for the doors to go in.

It is a tight space with everything going on in the shed so taking pics isn’t easy.
Anyways hope to get some work done today!


it is coming along @Smokin_ernie !!
sometimes it is hard framing things by yourself,but you are doing great!!


Thanks @BIGE yeah it would be nice to have an extra set of hands.


yea an extra back too…lol
it’s worth it, just find a way…
i went as far as screwing a board up to hold the board i was installing…tedious work i’ll say.


Looking good :+1:. Having extra hands & feet would be nice but then “necessity is the mother of invention”. I’m older and weaker and have had to figure out how to accomplish things without help so I KNOW you will accomplish this with flying colors :grimacing:. Then you can come and build a Grow shed for me​:rofl:


The great thing about working by myself is that I am my own boss and if I screw up so be it. Sometimes with help comes with opinions and well everyone has them. I have a vision bahaha


Yep :+1:. It’s your creative side coming out :grimacing: and it’s a personal challenge for yourself. I’m excited for the “first” finish … as you’re going to do more improvements down the road.


I guess I had somewhat of an edge building mine from scratch but you look to have a decent footprint to work in I know it’s a pain working solo but also a bonus not having to explain what needs doing. I had fun standing walls myself but was able to double frame interior as I went with less constraints in the way even in -16c getting snowed on so pretty sure you’ll get it done. Just repeat to yourself it will be worth it when finished and before you know it you’re done. You will be able to sit back and go I did this and take pride in it :slight_smile:
Lmao I already know this summer I will be making some changes to mine or making a new smaller one just for storage


That will be a big space @Smokin_ernie, cool :sunglasses:

Yep, it’s hard but like you said, nobody needs to know!


Well now that xmas is over. Hopefully can get some good work done. Picked up some insulation and started to install. It is looking good. I think the hardest thing so far is getting materials. I can’t fit a full sheet of plywood I my SUV nor do I have racks on top. I have been lazy and not dug out my trailer. Looks like I might have to do so. Thing would be easier if I had a pick up. Well maybe some day.

Got some seeds on order. Chocolope and blackberry kush. I sent cash so just praying it gets there. It has only been since Saturday.