The start of something wonderful (shed build)


Got some work done last night. The plywood is laid down and looking good. So the next thing is to start the wall and build some shelves so I can get all my equipment back into the shed.


lol,i put plywood above rafters so i could use as storage…christmas/halloween/decor…
could make into 2 story now if i wanted…lol


Nice I am going to do the same. There is already plywood above the grow room so all I have to do is ad some rafters. The previous owner didn’t support the plywood so good just 2 2x6 are all that is holding it up for right now. Can’t put anything heavy up there. I fix that . Lol


Looking good @Smokin_ernie
I may need to join all of you with the shed idea lol
Just kidding im not leaving my basement lol
But i am inspired buy all the building thats been happening around here
Im also planning a expansion of my grow space in the near future
You might want to think about trapping that floor drain as well to prevent smells and bugs from traveling up that pipe my brother mostly bugs
Just a thought


Thanks @Countryboyjvd1971 I decided not to go with a drain inthe floor. I was looking for a trap that would fit properly and couldn’t find anything. Between drain and trap I would have to move the floor up a few more inches which in turn I lose head room. Also if I used 2x6 it would have been a bit more expensive. I am planning something a little different for a drain.


Under stood @Smokin_ernie
You can install drains on your catch pans and collect that in a bucket or something? I just use a shop vac to collect mine lol


I have used the shop vac as well and work like a charm.


@Countryboyjvd1971 Yeah I have come up with a few ideas of how to run the plumbing. My buddy has a couple of ideas as well. A lot of this project is just floating around my head. There are so many ways to get this done. I just trying to do the best I can and go one step at a time. That is no easy task my brain is working faster then I can. lol

Plan for today is to get some more lumber and start on the walls.


Here’s my 2 cents again :grimacing:. You can never have too much storage areas!


Making good progress! Got the plywood floor laid down and the front wall half framed in. It is starting to look like something great. It was chilly working last night but as long as I am dressed for the weather I actually like the cold. Especially ice fishing!! Fishing is one of my favorite things to do. On a cold morning the air is crisp cold enough to have your nostrils stick together. It is very quiet. All you hear is the crunch of the snow and the ice shifting. Which can be an Erie sound. I love it nonetheless.

@BIGE @Screwauger @SmoknGranny @Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31 @70sChick


Nice @Smokin_ernie

A. I love solitude more than most understand
B. I love everything about the winter for the reasons you stated
C. I have always been a morning person (when I was addicted to golf I would be on the course at daybreak kicking the dew around)
D. I have never been cold a single day riding my snowmobile 200-300 miles a weekend

The gear they make today (even the medium priced stuff) is just outstanding. I literally could wear my birthday suit under my snowmobile pants/jacket and I would still sweat.
There is nothing better than the crisp, clean, quiet air of a winter morning! (or the smell of 2 stroke smoke and the braaaap of a well tuned sled). I am a walking oxymoron what can I say.


i’m big-tyme hooked on fishing! @Smokin_ernie
i’ve been through hell over that stuff,and want more and more punishment!! lol


mmmm…can smell that two stoke now and hear the braaaap as well. @Screwauger

@BIGE what is your favorite kind of fishing? Myself I enjoy the saltwater and had done that for many years caught more blue fish and flounder to last a life time. The true love is fresh water bass fishing! Anytime of the year! We have some good cold weather so the ice should be forming nicely. Hopefully it stay that way. Last couple years haven’t gone because the ice was just not there.


I sometimes think I’m an unusual woman as I actually love construction. It’s awesome watching it all come together. Don’t forget to have a “topping” party even if you already have a roof!
No snow here yet but I do enjoy walking in my woods after it falls :heart:


When do you pamper yourself? Is it somehow regulated? I have concerns that I wouldn’t know when to stop to get back to the real world. So I don’t even try, but lately I think it would be helpful for me to take premeditated breaks like what you described, but I’m curious when you started to focus on your alone time? Was it through your whole life? Did it start then you got focused elsewhere and then reunited with this approach?


@SmoknGranny not unusual I am trying to get my daughter into the trades she only 7 but I show her how to use tools and explain what they are used for. She actually seems interested. Yes it is awesome seeing it come together. Love building stuff.


Awesome. I wish I could have taken shop classes back in the day but it was boys only :frowning:️ I’m glad you’re teaching her! I prefer shopping at places like Home Depot over girly stores :joy:


As a grower we all pamper ourselves with solitude and peace, the hum of the fans leaves swaying in breeze fresh highly oxygenated air. Just you your thoughts and your plants if you think of it just like sitting on the deck watching a sunset with your dogs few people understand the positive benefit and peace from such simple things


Against my better judgment, I will attempt to answer.
My mom died when I was 10.
Dad worked full time as a machinist.
My two older sisters had lives (college, work, boyfriends, etc).
From age 10-18 I had a tremendous amount of alone time.
Not chosen but not unwilling to adapt (weed, truancy, delinquency, opposition and defiance etc).
I was married 15 yrs, lived together for 20 yrs.
My ex spent the bulk of her free time with her parents and sister, I did not. Long story but they all were in the teaching profession and had coordinated vacations and summers off, I did not.
Again, not chosen and not unwilling to adapt (grow room, golf league, softball league, card games with the guys etc).
I realized after my divorce there was a limit to how much alone I could mentally handle.
So, @Fever
I pamper myself every time I slip off for a bowl or two and a song through the headphones.
There is a danger in shutting off too much but through experience, you find a balance.
My dad used to say “It’s tough but I doubt this is the hill you will die on.” To me this means you chose your battles. Some solitude I will fight to preserve and other I will let go as likely too much or over the top.
I get a great deal from my work. I tend to chose jobs with great independence and accountability vs micro management. I cover a several county wide area in my state and I can sometimes be driving for 4+ hours in a day to conduct an investigation. This equates to a good deal of my solitude requirements (bluetooth good tunes through the car stereo and stop at nice scenic rest areas for "tune ups).
It’s been a whole life(style) that I adapted to, learned to appreciate then needed to temper a bit.


Ok I respect you @Screwauger and can’t even wrap my head around what you wrote so I will go over it in detail shortly. In some Kmart thank you so much for giving me that glimpse so I can learn and leverage your wisdom.