The start of something wonderful (shed build)


@1BigFella that is pretty sweet that you have your setup like that with drainage. My buddy mentioned something similar about the shower pan. I think he had one for a washer machine or something like that. I am going to look into it more. I don’t plan on moving anytime soon. So I would like to do it once. Thanks for the suggestions. I figure I would get some. I am glad I put this up before the construction started.


Yeah, we have one of those under our washer. It’s 30" by 29" by 2" and it has a drain in the side. A little small for a grow tent. But you can buy bigger fiberglass shower pans or even make one out of concrete. That would be really cool to have a grow chamber with a slight slope down to a working floor drain! But a little sink for mixing nutes and insecticide, or washing your hands would be useful too.


Well progress is being made. Got a huge amount of space clear in shed. Enough to get started on the flooring which will be this weekend. Been doing a bunch of research on how to do the drain and got it somewhat figured out. I did learn that a drain pipe need to drop 1/2 to1/4 each foot ignorer to drain correctly. So I going to increase my floor joist to 2x6. I will only need to do about an inch and half to three inches of a drop. Most likely the way the floor joist are going to sit I am going to need to drill through the joist.
So I think I have it narrowed down for the floor covering. Going with rubber. I have looked at different rolls of rubber flooring including pond liner and washer machine pans to help contain the runoff water from watering. So going to work on a troff type system to catch water and have piping to carry the water to the drain.
I tell you thou there are so many ideas floating through my head it is making it spin. hahahaha

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Stay tuned there will be pictures this weekend. Hope to have the drain and floor done for the weekend is done.


Sweet. Labor(s) of Love huh @Smokin_ernie


You may need to have that much drop for solid waste, but I think almost any drop would do for water and nutrient solutions. You’re not putting in a toilet here! I would put the drain up against the back wall and have the rubber slope down to it. Then you hardly need any drop at all because the almost horizontal pipe is so short. You also don’t need a very big diameter for liquids. That’s why I suggested 1" PVC and 2 x 2s.

But what the heck, maybe you want a toilet in your grow room.


Yes the main rule of plumbing Hot on the left, Cold on the right and crap can’t flow uphill. :wink:


Thanks @1BigFella I have no clue on plumbing. I was thinking with laying it down with sleepers but I was thinking the flatness of pipe could cause water to just sit there. I appreciate the help I am learning!

A toilet would be interesting I could go and water at the same time. Hahaha


Made some good progress today. It was a chilly one for sure. See your breath kind of day! So got the area cleaned out.

Looking good right. Then this happened.

Built until I ran out of material.

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That’s going to sweet @Smokin_ernie passing-joint-smiley-emoticon


Overall great day! Now kicking back and fired up the wood stove.

Decided not to go with a floor drain. Will run plumbing inside. I have some plans for short tables with drainage. Still run the water outside but just going a different way.


Nice! I’m inspired. I have so much work to do on mine! @Smokin_ernie The woodstove looks good!


The unfortunate thing is I had to move some stuff outside so I could build the floor. I put a tarp over everything so there it sit till the snow is done. Hopefully get a little more done tomorrow.


only be a couple days, lol @Smokin_ernie


Looking great :+1:. In case the “shed fairy :fairy:‍♀️ ever visits me :joy: could you keep a running list of materials pretty please :pray:t2:


i’m sitting here trying to picture this :thinking:


@BIGE It’s in the same family as the”Dish :fairy:‍♂️ “ who does the dishes for you :grimacing:


i does @SmoknGranny…lol
but i’m not no tinker bell…jajaja!


Me too which is why I keep looking for those dang fairies :fairy:‍♀️.


Made very little progress yesterday. Totally bummed. Was waiting for a friend to get some plywood because it wouldn’t fit in my car or on the roof. Well his ride home broke down and didn’t get to my house until 6pm. Got the plywood but to late to layout. So hopefully get some done today after work.


don’t get discouraged @Smokin_ernie,it will all work out in the end!