The start of something wonderful (shed build)


Thanks!! @Countryboyjvd1971 @BIGE @Zombo so I checked it out this morning and the humidity came down a bit but the tank was full and not sure when it became filled. I left it running all night. The area I am trying to dehumidify is a 10x10. I don’t have humidity issue with the grow room or the prep room. I would guess why is the fans blowing around in grow room and the heater in the prep room. The 10x10 area is not insulated and the door has crappy seal. They are just barn door style and have gaps all around. So I am constructing a door that will seal up better. I have even thought about through up some insulation but that is down the road. I think the door will help tremendously. I left it running today so will see what happens when I get home. It also has a continuous drain tube I can hook up. There are some below freezing days coming up so it will not be running it says it is good to 33f . It is a small unit and the 13pints will fill fast but time will tell. @Countryboyjvd1971 it is a plug in desiccant dehumidifier.


yea,frame in a nice 36’'x80 insulated steel door…lol that is what i put in,nice seal all the way around…lol probably the only thing being close to square…


The problem I am having is finding a door that fits my rough opening is just short of a regular door and don’t want to move the header to fit a door so I will build one. I will ad some pics. I have started but not to far yet.


hit the habitat for humanity place see if they have a solid wood door you could trim up cheap…
just an idea


Yeah it is an option for sure.


i go by regularly dropping off and every once and awhile i will find something i cannot live without…lol


Ok just quick update I have the shop part of shed down to low 70’s for humidity in 24 hrs had to dump the bucket twice and each time it had stopped because it was full. So I am thinking hook up a hose and have it drain in a 5 gallon bucket. It is doing something. Still looking for a bigger unit but what I am finding is industrial type unit costing thousands. Anyways I keep you guys updated.


Great idea!!


Ok so checked on dehumidifier at 2am and it was full. I emptied it around 6-7pm might have been a bit later but anyways that means it take about 6 hrs or so to fill. It is keeping area at 43f and said 67%. So I think with a continuous drain it should work pretty good. I am not going to say it is the holy grail of fixes but seems to be doing good oh yeah outside temp is 32f .

I figure I was up so it was good to check and check around 6am because I am sure I will be awake. Sleeping has not been my friend as of lately.


Challenges were expected and each season brings a new one. So I am not yet at a year with the shed build I have learned a lot and still trying to figure things out. I have been handling it thin that comes up as it hits me. So far it is handling the cold weather fairly well. It has been a challenge in that it is a Toal of 3 rooms that I have to deal with. The temps and humidity are different for each room. Well I think I got it going pretty good. When spring time comes there may be a new roof in order but we will see how it goes.


You should be commended @Smokin_ernie for all the trials and tribulations you’ve dealt with. Two attaboys!!
My GF doesn’t realize it but there’s nothiing I would not do for my weed!!


Thanks brother it has been fun and continues to bring enjoyment even though there has been difficulties. I am all in on my weed as well


Just doing a little update on the shed. Working on the door still got some progress on it. The humidity and mold seems to be at bay. Still have the mold in some spots and really need to spray some bleach solution. The humidity is below 70% which is a good thing. The dehumidifier is working pretty good. I think there was a lot of moisture in the work area is why it wasn’t showing good response first thing. I will say that the desiccant dehumidifier is working. Wishing it was a bigger unit or at least a bigger reservoir. Right now I am having to dump about 4 times a day depending on outside humidity. We have been getting a lot of rain and the door seal isn’t the greatest so it is constantly leaking in the damp rainy air. It has been almost a full year and I think I have come a long way.


you live up north right? sounds like you are having warm weather problems…lol
blows my mind.
i live in humidity USA…AR and i’m running 40’s-50’s tops RH
this morning 37rh


wow I am in northeast and it just has been raining a lot. The last time we had a stretch of more then 4 days in a row without rain has been back in September. Before putting the exhaust out the window I had it in the shed and that is how I got the first mold. The second time is when I bought some pressure treated wood for the door project and they were wet wet wet so my thinking is that is what drove the humidity up. Even in the grow room I am pushing high 50%s been keeping a close eye on it might have to run a dehumidifier.


Good morning from your neighbor to the west. I love your state, the mountains are not as big as in Colorado, but they can’t touch the beauty of AR.


Once you get the mold dried out go buy some kilz paint. You can buy spray can or gallon. But if you paint over it with it it’ll prevent it from growing back.


Well I will say that little desiccant dehumidifier is working pretty slick. The humidity is in the 60%s and temp in the low 40s. Outside is 31f so it is keeping it nice and warm. The grow room humming along at 75f the girls are loving it.


Close to a full year of running the shed. The next two months are the coldest and we will see how it performs. So far everything is running great. Just insulated the window that the exhaust is attached to. which I think it came out great. Might see if I can find a small piece of foam insulation and may add that to it. The stuff I used is rather thin. The foam insulation at the box store is 4ft x 8ft I need maybe a 2x 3.

So dehumidifier has been working great. It was in the single digits for temp and the uninsulated part was at 37f not bad for that little dehumidifier. Unfortunately I had the door open for a bit and the temp dropped below operating temp so had to shut her down. Once I get a proper door and seal it up it should stay even warmer.

Overall very happy.