The start of something wonderful (shed build)


I am building on an already done shed with a slab concrete floor. So not too sure how I could pull it off. Yes the grow room will be heated and the work area but I will have left a 9 x 10 storage area that will not be heated. The rooms will be insulated.


Key is keeping temperature over freezing which doesn’t seem like that will be a problem. It would be labor intensive to jack out a drain run on the existing concrete but it’s doable. I’m not sure about the cost though :thinking:


if you are going to bother with sleepers, you are creating a space for a drain! Just lay down a 1 inch pvc pipe that comes up through the plywood. Then lay down 2x2 sleepers with foam in between, Put it near the wall somewhere and go through the wall and into a trench right over the edge of the concrete slab. Dig out a hole for it a foot below the frost line and fill it with rocks. You don’t have any drop so it’s important to keep everything really short. You can always add some heating tape outside if it freezes. A working drain just for liquids can be really handy so you don’t have to carry a bucket outside,

That 1 inch ridgid foam they have now at all the home improvement stores is terrific. You no longer have to frame in a wall to insulate it. Just use the 4x8 sheets of foam.

Have you thought about changing to a sunlight-permiable roof? That’s free light! Clear plastic with a very light coat of white paint on it still transmits light and is private. Unfortunately it also leaks light at night.


when ever your ready @Smokin_ernie


Hmm now you got me thinking. @1BigFella a drain would be sweet. I’m still in the preparation stage. The shed still needs a space cleaned out to install floor. So just about anything is possible.

@Countryboyjvd1971 thanks buddy!


In response to how to use the space, center around the lighting you have, or plan to use. Rather than guess at space, and then try to find lighting to fit it. For example, 400 watt hid is ideal for 3x3 space. Two of them would give you 3x6’ coverage. It doesn’t make sense to set up grow along 10’ wall unless maybe you have 3 of them. Different light is different story obviously. But if you’re at least thinking about it could save you from potential shortfall later.


Watching @Smokin_ernie. Can’t wait to see how it turns out.


@Smokin_ernie welcome to the shed club! My shed is much smaller, but it’s functional. I’m still considering adding additional tent(s) to it. But that means removing more stuff with no where to put it. I hope you found a place for some of your stuff. I’ll be following along. I have 229 hours left until I get likes left. Whatever that means.


Thanks @dbrn32 I will have to do some serious thinking on how to utilize space. Right now running 2 400watt led and planned to get another one or two. I also have 2 2ft 4bulb t5 lights which was thinking could use for starting seeds and clones.


@Covertgrower thanks! I am super pumped to get started. I have been doing a little each day as of cleaning and organizing. Hoping to make some good progress this coming weekend.


@SmoknGranny if @Smokin_ernie is building up the floor and has plenty of head room it should be a doable thing to put a drain system in under the elevated floor.


That’s usually the best application for the fluoro’s, they’ll do good there for you. Not sure if you’ve been checking out any of the diy leds some of the members have been building? But if you’re interested in doing something like that, it can save you some cash on a high performance fixture.

There’s also a few guys running hid lights in their sheds to supplement heat in cooler seasons. Of course then you’ll have to deal with it in the summer as well. May be something to throw around depending on your climate.


@dbrn32 No I haven’t checked out the diy builds on lights. May have to looking to that. All my lights have low hours on them and will perform long enough to learn how to build a light. Thanks.

I am still toying around the idea of using mh and hps which would come in handy during the winter to supplement the heat source. I am in a cool climate northeast USA


Absolutely. I’m glad that was suggested for him. I built 30’X60’ barns/kennels with concrete floors. I wasn’t thinking of using the concrete as a subfloor :grimacing:


@SmoknGranny @1BigFella @Sasquatch Ok so now that you guys got me thinking drain I started to plan how it could be done. So what kind of flooring should go down if there is going to be water on the floor. I am thinking tile but maybe there is something else.


You won’t be sorry about the drain system :+1:. I think once you put down the plywood floor maybe peel and stick tiles? If there’s a Habitat for Humanity ReStore near you I’d check it out for flooring options. Also, check around for a Builders surplus type of stores. You may also take a look on Craigslist :grinning:


all good suggestions! Thanks a bunch.


wish you was around we have a great factory second store on the other side of town…
owned and operated by valiad dracule himself!!!
i’ve known of this place my whole life and the owner has the exact same clothes,hat,car…still looks three hundred years old!
i sheathed my grow in 1/2 in plywood, lowes…15bucks a sheet
dracula has it for 7


@BIGE don’t think there’s anything like that around but I will do some looking


Home Depot has some big peel and stick vinyl that has overlapping glue strips. It’s called Allure. That stuff is terrific. Much thicker than normal seamless vinyl or standard peel and stick. Very water resistant but not waterproof. Goes on plywood as a floating floor: No glue other than the tile’s own sticky strips.

My grow chamber is built over a big bathtub we never used, so it drains naturally when I water to waste. You could just put down some plastic tubs and pump them out into a little bar sink. A sink with fresh water is very nice for mixing nutes, washing stuff, etc.

Or you could go nuts and build something like a big shower pan with drain for your grow chamber.