The start of something wonderful (shed build)


Flex-Drain 51510 Flexible/Expandable Landscaping Drain Pipe, Perforated with Filter Sock, 4-Inch by 25-Feet

Is this the stuff? @Donaldj


correct exactly what I am using but I am running same pipe through 3 spaces since it’s 50’ long :wink:


That is awesome. Thanks I going to try it out.


Well I ran out of plywood today. I have one more spot to go and then the walls will be done. Seeing that I am no fine carpenter there is a gap or two. So I am going to order some panda plastic that will cover the small gaps. It is a little more expensive than the paint I was going to get but it will be easier to clean.

Next is to finish the ceiling in grow room. So get ready for hanging lights. Got work on exhaust and intake fans. It is getting there.


If you have outside intake and exhaust, your heating bill will be very high. If you can exhaust into the other room, your lights may give you all the heat you need. But you may want outside exhaust capability for summer. Depends on how good the insulation is.

I’ve installed one of those little Cadet baseboard heaters in a house I had to sell. Home Depot online has many of them at different wattages, and you can get a really cheap thermostat that mounts right in the heater frame. I had to install it because rooms heated with portable heaters don’t count for house square footage. Mounted baseboard heaters do count!

I’m heating over 100 square feet of well-insulated space with just my lights, and they are 400 watts of COB LEDs! But then again, 40 F is a record low in San Diego coastal. Get a Cadet.


@1BigFella I plan on exhausting to the othe room. I running 2 400watt COB LED and 2 2ft 4bulb t5 at least I hope I can fit it all. The other room will also be insulated so hoping it will stay warm but we do get temps in the negative so a cadet might be needed. I am going to see how it goes.


My biggest heat loss in my space comes from my dog run seconded by my door which I am replacing but only find myself using space heater at about -20f outside or very heavy windchill which is hard to account for but honestly my house loses heat faster :wink:


So your lights may keep it warm when they are on, but the Cadet set to 65 F is great backup if your insulation is less than perfect. And nobody’s insulation is perfect! The nice thing is that they have 120 VAC models in case you don’t have 240 VAC in your shed, and that they have so many different wattage options so you can size the unit to your room. Their thermostat that just screws right into the heater box is really cheap, too. I was very pleasantly surprised when I went looking for a wall heater.


Well you got me convinced. I figure I would need something and it is good to hear that the cadet work for you.


Well well well looky here. Seeds have arrived!

Now to get going on the grow room. Stuff has been arriving. I received the 4in drainage pipe that @Donaldj is using. I really like the idea so we have to see how it goes. Do you have the pipe just sitting on the ground? or hanging? The panda film arrived today. So not much left of grow room. One half piece of plywood to put up. Lay the floor down. Panda film up. Then on to ventilation, lights and action.

I need like a whole weekend and I think I would be close to possibly testing out the grow room and see where I am at for temps. The mrs is working this weekend so not sure how much will get done because there is some ice fishing lined up for Saturday.

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Here and watching… Looks like I have some catching up to do on reading :grin:


Welcome! Enjoy The funner part is coming up the grow itself. I am really looking to step my game up a bit. We will see how it goes.


Yeah I know that. I like to push my limits so now that I’m on my second grow I’m going balls to the wall lol. Can’t wait to see this grow take shape :sunglasses:


Righr here following along thx for the tag @Smokin_ernie


Hey @Smokin_ernie! How bout some pics of the floor? I too am doing a shed makeover and trying to decide how to put a floor down. Shed is dirt floor with river rock so I put down 3-4 inches of cedar mulch and tents on pallets. Need a floor to use entire space. Thanks bro


@Tylan this will be my 3rd grow so I am learning a lot and each grow I have out done the previous one.

@70sChick no problem. Any pointers or comments are welcome.

@oleskool830 hold one moment I see what I can find.


cant wait to see the finished room!


@oleskool830 If you look at post 48 on this thread there is a picture. So this is what I did. I took 6mil black plastic film and laid that on top of the concrete and in your case I would put it over the rocks. Then I used 2in foam insulation. Then put sleepers down then built floor frame with the floor joist 16in on center. Then laid down some plywood. I am going to put a vinyl laminate snap together fake hard wood. That is how it went down. I am no expert that is for sure but that is what I had found in my searches.


@bob31 Thanks for linking them together! I have no clue how to do it or I am just too dam high.hahaha


haha brother, my pleasure. Congrats on the beans. Blackberry Kush is one I am interested in I have chocolope already! It won’t be long now! @Smokin_ernie