The start of something wonderful (shed build)


Hey how are you? Thanks for joining me in my adventure of building, growing and learning as I travel through the space of time. I will be constructing a grow room for hopeful of year round growing. I thought that some may enjoy the ride while other may be able to pick up some new knowledge. I am still new to growing but I have always had a green thumb. I will be working on my third grow.

So lets get to business. My laboratory is going to built in a shed which right now it is full of stuff like garden equipment, snow blower etc. I have a grow tent in there now so I have some room to work with. Ultimately it will be a 4 x 6 foot grow room and a 6 x 6 work area so I am working with a 10 x 6 room. Setting up air intakes and exhaust I definitely will have some questions. The room has a window in it which I think will be key for getting fresh air.

The first task is to lay down a floor. So looking for a little help and see what others have done. I have been researching it quite a bit. I will be building on a level slab of concrete. What I am thinking so far is to lay 6mil plastic down then ridge foam insluation, then I have seen some that lay down sleepers on top of the ridge foam then just lay ply wood on top. Others I have seen that they lay the sleepers down then build raised floor on top of that. I have plenty of ceiling space so doing a raised floor is not an issue.

So I throw out some tags @BIGE @Donaldj @Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31 @SmoknGranny @Tylan @Capt_Seeweed

Beans have arrived

Woohoo @Smokin_ernie im in firbthe ride buddy
Cant wait to see this completed


Thanks really pumped to get started. I have the winter to finish which should be doable. That dam thing life gets in the way sometimes. Would love to hear any suggestion you got as well. I am working on some drawings of the ventilation system I will have to run by you when the time is right.


This whole shed is beyond catching on lol. Best of luck with the project!


Thanks, I grew in there this past summer in a tent and it worked out good. Now to just step it up a bit.


Ya, 2 foot itis lol. It’s like having a boat, it always needs to be bigger and you’re constantly spending money on it.


Hahaha I know what you mean with the boat.


i’m with ya @Smokin_ernie get r done!


Sounds like a plan @Smokin_ernie looking forward to learning with you. As you know I’m looking to do the same thing as soon as I can!


I always love build threads


Sounds like a very fun project, one I hope to do one day…

Are you building for just one crop at a time, or trying to build for a perpetual grow. Just curious what direction you are heading on the build. Either way, I’ll be following along :v:


At the moment I was planning on just the one room for one crop but being able to grow back to back. I grow just for myself however I do share. There would be no way I could go through a crop before the next one was ready. It may change once I get going. This is a whole new experience for me. I am getting even more excited.


I use a 3 light rotation which means 3 small spaces which also means monthly harvest but also less hours trimming :slight_smile: because I use 3 smaller spaces I harvest 5-7 oz a month which is a little over personal but always have something to do in 1 space or another which keeps me from going too nuts on my ladies


This maybe something I will have to explore. There has been the thought of a veg room and a flower room. So we will see what happens. I get ahead of myself sometimes so trying to keep it under control. :grin:


Thanks for the tag :hugs: I doubt that I will be of help but you know I am lurking in the background absorbing! My best advice is to look at all the possible uses for your build and adjust accordingly. Ex: seedlings, vegging, flowering & drying. Multiple grows in separate sections.


Just thought you would enjoy following along. Well since I have put this up and with the comment thus far I have some thinking to do for space. I have a 10 x 6 room to do with what I want. Making multiple room is an idea that will be taking into consideration.

So I start with the floor. Got my list of supplies for the floor. Now to make some room for the floor to be layed down. It is going to be a challenge because it is pretty full. So some organizing and it will be good. I will be posting pics throughout this journal.


FUN!! Makes me wish I had a shed :wink: I look forward to seeing it come together :eyes::green_heart:


Yepper. I’m definitely interested as you know I would be.
Do you have running water in the shed? I’m thinking of some type of drain system for your floor. I’ve had two large metal buildings built for my kennels & drains sure came in handy :wink:


funny you mention about the drain. I was talking with a buddy last night and I said it would be cool to put a drain in. No running water but a hose can reach the shed. I thought it would make flushing the plant that much easier. The one concern I have is it freezing during the winter.


The shed will be heated right? Putting in the floor drain system is the easy part it’s the exterior drain field system which gets trickier. Ya gotta go deep & down with still some accessibility in case of clogs. We had to redo our first outdoor drain system :rage: But if you’re planning on multiple grows I think you will thank yourself in the end for the drains.