The sprouted one does but is short lived, and the other never sprouts up. What did I do wrong?

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“I had my room set and chose to germinate strawberry and OG. The two strawberry popped by the next morning so I planted that afternoon, hoping for the two OG to follow suit. One did and one didn’t but I planted both anyway to see if it would sprout up with the strawberry. The sprouted one does but is short lived, and the other never sprouts up. What did I do wrong? Too much nutes? Do I need to have my light on longer than 18 hours? I just lost my favorite strain twice over and feeling a little sad inside. It was the OG kush that I attempted to grow. This is my first time using coco for an indoor grow and I make sure my ph is in between 6.7-7.0. I used your start nutrient 1/8 tsp to a liter. I am using a 1000w LED light which keeps the grow room between 76-82 degrees with 25-35% humidity. If it gets too hot, I open the door and let cool air flood in. Had a room fan but it just makes it hotter instead of cooler. I’ve never used Co2, not quite sure how to right now. … Please help me?”

@ILGM.Becky you’ve come to tbe right place. No nutrients until they get some leaves, the humidity needs to be higher than 50%, and if possible start them in a humidome so it stays moist. After sprouting it’s possible that you stuck them in too deep. 1/4” deep is plenty. Join the forum, we would love to help, we want you to be successful.


I’m with @Covertgrower Becky ask that person to join the forum and we’d love to work with them to get them on track!


And you absolutely should not be feeding nutrients right now it will kill them


Im with @Hogmaster no nutrients
And joining the forum would make it easier to get the help tour asking for

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I never got any of my OG to sprout via any methods. Strawberry was pretty finicky. I’d suggest trying something more hardy like Super Skunk to start.

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