The soil is staying wet and moist

I dont know what exactly is going on, but I germinated my feminized autoflowering Blueberry seeds. The plants are 3-4inches above dirt and are doing well. The issue I am having is that the soil is staying wet/moist. I have only fed them 2x since they been above ground. I have them 3inches under 2CFLS With a fan circulating in the grow room. Its not to hot or humid. The Cups have plenty of ventilation and drainage holes in the cups. Im worried about root rot.

the plant on the left has yellow spots because i had them to close to the lights.<img

Try watering them less ?

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I watered them October 20th, then the dirt was dried out by the 25th so then I watered them again on October 27th. And they’ve been wet/Moist since then. Its not soaking wet, Just wet enough to stick to your finger when you push your finger in the dirt

Hey @Drewdown1992 there is nothing really wrong with what you are doing. Your roots will not rot unless they are literally submerged in water. I don’t know what soil you are using but it must hold water really well. That combined with a smaller root system will require you to water much less often. Just keep checking them every day and water when its needed and you will be fine. When you do water make sure you are only getting about 10-15% runoff to make sure you are not over-watering when you do so. Your seedlings are looking good so far. Keep it up. Cheers!

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I know people are probably going to tell me to NEVER use it, but I am using regular Miricalr-gro potting soil with out the Miricle-gro. I have been using this kind of soil for quite a few grows, just never ran into a problem with it staying moist. I usually use a Spray bottle and spray the soil till nice and damp. The only reason im worried is because this is my FIRST grow with REAL Blueberry Feminized Auto-Flower seeds instead of Beg seeds from the bottom of the bag you get from your dealer.

And thank you for the positive feed back instead of being negitive and telling me im mesing everything up. And yes, my seedling are doing fairly well; was just worried about the soil being moist for as long as it has been.

at this stage I was still just spraying mine with a spray bottle three times a day…not pouring any water on the soil.


Thats what I have been doing with them I was just worried that it would grow a Mold/fungus or root rot.

if the soil is not drying out, spray them less, less often


I am not a beginer to growing; but I am a beginner for using Nutrients & A beginner at growing the BB auto. I know my first BB grow isnt going to be perfect, but any info or advice? I would greatly appreciate it!

I’ve had good luck with ILGM’s blueberry autos.

The trick is to try to get them off to the best start you can.

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I found out why the soil wasnt drying out. The fan in the grow site wasnt big enough and wasnt pushing/moving enough are arround. Up sized the fan and dirt seems to be drying out sooner.

I have a question. Like i said before im not a new newbie to growing, but to this strain I am. My plants are looking 100× better since i upsized the fan(reason why the soil wasnt drying out, wasnt pushing enough air around). But my plants cotyledons are turning yellow. Is that a good thing that only them are turning yellow?

Hey @Drewdown1992 That is totally normal they will eventually wither and die off


Bro you are doing good the only thing that will trip you up is over thinking it. Treat it no different than bag seed and love it. Just like you said you’ve done this before the only difference is the seed has a name. Just keep the lights 18/6 don’t top and lst if you need room. As far as nutes go follow the schedule and use about 1/4 to 1/2 strength and you won’t need to flush. Breath easy and you got this.


I have my seedlings hanging under 2 75 watt CFLS. (So they drain better). And the lights are on 24/7 and there doing phenominal! If and WHAT nutes should I use when I decide to use nutes? Ive NEVER used nutes before.
The lines on the straw on the RIGHT pbeforarr marks on how much its grown. the bottom line is when I transplanted them to these containers on monday; and the top line is from today.

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Phhhhewwww!!! I was thinking what the hell is going on now?. But if its normal then im fine with it. Thank you to everyone for the advice/Help.

@Drewdown1992 Hey Drew. Just a word of advice. Your roots don’t want to be exposed to light at all. You want to switch them to a container that is not clear. If you don’t want to transplant quite yet I would at least cover those containers with something that light will not penetrate. Your roots will thank you. They will die from the light otherwise. Happy Growing!

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Even if the roots arent showing or near the sides of the clear container? Im going to take and use your advice, i was just wondering.

The roots move pretty quick. Even a little time in the light can do damage so if for instance over night they show at the side and you don’t see them for a few hours after the light comes on. Just a precaution really. Just want to see your plants as healthy as possible and by default better results in the end. I wouldn’t transplant unless you were planning to. Just get a black grocery bag or contractor bag you can cut and cover the container with it.

Speaking of such my lights are about to come on. Gotta go down check on things for a little bit. Glad I could help.