The size is half the size of all the other plants

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

What I’m speaking of the size is half the size of all the other plants and this one doesn’t seem to be developing at the same rate like rest.

Not all plants develop and grow the same. Take these for example

both same age same strain. When I start a new grow, I’ll start multiple seeds and only keep the fastest among them


All plants are different when started from seed
Even same strain will grow at different rates
Can i ask whats the distance are your lights and tyoe of lights ?
also what are you phing your water and nutrients to ?
And last What type of nutrients are you using ?

Maybe join the forum so we can help guide you ?


Some times a slow starter is a strong finisher but the nature of seeds is such that no 2 plants are identical though we try our best to encourage them to be.