The Short Answer's 2022 Outdoor Grow

Starting my journal early this year. Growing six strains, one with be hemp (high CDB). Plan is to start feminized seeds a little later this year; around 2nd or 3rd week of April. The regular seeds, 1st week of April and be in pots 1st or 2nd week of June.

If you want to follow along… @repins12 @Oldguy @AAA @Bulldognuts @Dreamer @igm666 @anon86641082

The Grow List:

Strain: F-Fem R-Reg

Rebel Grown
Starlink (F)
(Stardust (GSC x (GSC x Sour Diesel) X (5G’s Purple f2) f3) X Double OG Chem)

Mandelbrot’s Family Heirlooms
Royal Kush (R)
Royal Kush BX8 x Royal Kush BX6

Emerald Mountain Seed Co.
Royal Wedding F3 (R)
Wedding Cake x Royal Kush

Irie Genetics
Raphael (F)
Strawberry Fields x Blueberry Cookies

00 Seeds
Blueberry (F)
Purple Thai X Afghan

Colorado Seed Breeders
Cherry Pie CBD (F)
Cherry #4 x Cherry Blossom


Thanks for the tag brother.
Super Nice list of strains you got there . :clap::clap:


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If you don’t mind I’ll tag along. Very interested in your CBD hemp!


I’ll be over here in the corner. trying to hide in plain sight, seems to be getting harder and harder to do these days :chair: :tumbler_glass: :popcorn:


Hell I’m in. Gotta see what the CBD does as it has been catching my eyes alot lately.

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I am sorry to say I have not seen a post from triple A for quite a while. Always had good things to add.


@JaneQP @Mark0427

Here’s a little more detail on the Cherry Pie CBD…

THC .02%
CBD 17%

Medicinal Benefits - Relaxed, Pain Relief, Muscle Relaxant, and Anxiety.

Plant has a naturally bushy growth structure, develops shorter, thicker stems. Plants will produce extremely high yields with attractive dense bud structures. Cherry Pie has uniquely strong tart/sweet terpene profile.


I am growing two TCB S1 from Trilogene. A cross of Berry Blossom and Cherry Wine. CBD to THC ratio of 27:1.

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Think you need to change your handle to repins12 the seed man… excellent work!


Brother, if you would like to try any of my crosses, I would be happy to send you a six pack of new strains :+1:t4: :v:t4:


Will hit you up this fall for 2023 grow; maybe an auto flower. Full plate with my limited space that gets enough sun. :vulcan_salute:

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You have my info, my friend :v:t4:

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My order for Royal Kush and Royal Wedding F3 arrived and got a bonus pack of Royal Mauiberry (Blackberry Kush x Diesel Maui Dog) x Royal Kush. Oh boy, may have to make room for one more plant…


Amending Soil … amending last year’s soil with:

BuildASoil Craft Blend Nutrient Pack

Worm castings

Coast of Maine Lobster Compost

New this year is Rootwise Mycrobe Complete replacing Mammoth P.

Also, adding a Wetting Agent – Quillaja Saponaria Extract Powder (plant based)

Pure Crop1 - A Plant-Based Insecticide, Fungicide, Biostimulant, and Surfactant – really like this.

BuildASoil Big 6 – Micronutrients + Humic Acid

Pure Protein – 15-1-1 (For Veg)

Bloom Boost for Flowering Plants:

BuildABloom (2-10-5) and Liquid Pumpkin Extract (new) for flowering plants.

Recycle-Sil - Natural Silica made from rice hulls

More prevention and new to the grow, BuildASoil Beauveria Bassiana Plus – stimulation of the immune system and restricts plant pathogens from entering the plants.

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About three weeks to start regular seeds and four weeks for the feminized seeds…

Bonus pack of Rebel Grown (Radiation Exposure) (Reg) won’t make my grow this year but will start some for a friend to grow. I got the hemp seeds BOGO free; they sent a total of 30 seeds. I ordered one 10 pack, not bad. Mandelbrot’s pack is the Royal Kush.

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This year I’m starting seeds in plastic cups. No twenty-four hour
soak or paper towel. Itching to start but will stay patient; plan is for 5 to 6 feet tall plants.

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I’ve been starting everything, in my aerogarden. Dropping the seed directly into the rapid rooter :v:t4:


Found the cannabinoid and terpene profile on the Cherry Pie CBD… report is from 2021.

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Regular seeds are going in cups tomorrow, fem seeds 2 weeks from today. Trying for 5-6 feet tall plants. Nothing bigger, well not much bigger than 6 feet tall at finish. The Royal Wedding and Royal Mauiberry have 13 seeds per pack… 1 bonus seed per pack and the Royal Kush has 16 seeds in a 12 seed pack. Thank you Emerald Mountain, will check out the summer releases for next year’s outdoor grow. Fem seeds include Raphael, Blueberry, Starlink, and my CBD Cherry Pie.


Small change of plan; decided to start Rebel Grown Radiation Exposure (Double OG Chem x 5Gs Purple). Already have Royal Kush and Royal Wedding so Royal Mauiberry will have to wait for next year. I just started the Radiation Exposure so they will be 6 days behind the RK and RW.

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