The secret in my garden

I ran cukes on one and melons on another it was awesome :sunglasses:

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Northern lights is my last auto and she’s still going strong with no bud rot yet. Here she was yesterday

And this whopper of a gourd is amazing I think instead of a birdhouse I’ll make a doghouse out of it


Sweet Christmas! Nice haul on the Gelato. And good deal on the rotless NA. SOLID genetics

I may try it for my mellons but think ill for go the cradles…:grin::grin:

Ive got gourd seeds to plant this summer. Along with rattlesnake watermelon and star and moon water melons. Lots sunflowers and snow peas.
Plus my 10 weed seeds im planting out. Busy busy busy

Beautiful photo of the auto nl love the shot with the shadow of the top cola on the end wall

I just looked at pics again and saw shadow that is pretty cool. She’s still going out there it’s supposed to freeze here tonight so I may pull her I haven’t made up my mind yet. Been a bit under the weather lately and not looking forward to harvesting just yet.

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The Gelato and Zkittles are off the chart good and tasty. Great buzzes for both as well ended up with 7 oz of Zkittles with 2 plants. Heavy buds where Gelato has kinda airy buds


Hope you start feeling better soon. Did you do the deed and cut them down.
Did you get a chance to view the trichomes see what colour they are/were?

Accept these as a get well wish


They are beautiful

They are beautiful. I took Northern Lights auto down this morning she’s hanging as a whole up in tent

She was getting brown towards bottom so no chances taken she came out


Congratulations girlie… :fire::fire::+1::drooling_face::drooling_face:

Congrats. Outmotherfreakinstanding :v:t2:

Very nicely done!!! THAT LOOKS REAL GOOD!