The second week into flowering and I noticed seeds growing


That’s Medusa my Black Widow.


Can you get any clearer pic?


Can u get a better pic when u blow it up it’s blurry


Have to wait till tomorrow to take another pic,but I will. Thanks for the interest.


It looks like a male… need a better pic…




Thats a male for sure or hermi
Good eye @peachfuzz

Sorry @XanKore if you have other questions lants youll want to cull or separate that one
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Thanks. That pisses me off since that was a feminized seed. Oh well I guess I’ll let it finish growing. In a few weeks I’ll start over.


It possible it hermied then @XanKore
Was it a ilgm bean
What is your set up ? Maybe we can figure out where it went wrong
Stress at the wrong time can cause them to hermi also


Yes ILGM bean. Let me first say this plant came from a dying plant. As said plant was dying this lil guy sprouted up. So I figured I’d give it a shot. It’s now just over 4ft tall and was only supposed to grow to about 3 1/2 ft. As I was told. I don’t know if it being the sprout from a dying plant caused it to be herm. It’s still free bud. I have 4 more strains that I will be starting as soon as this goes to dry.

Again thanks for he help. This was my 1st ever grow.


Is the plant worth keeping


No. That doesn’t look hermie to me it looks all male. I don’t see any pistils.

It can contaminate your grow space and if any pollen is left behind will seed your next grow.

With that being said if u have no other plants going and u want to clean the crap out of your space U can let him grow and get a ton of reg seeds. 50/50 shot for fems. I would send that pic to ILGM support. That is a male.

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