The saga of Meave - my grow 1.5

So the first two plants from my first grow are chopped and drying. This lady was the runt of the pack so I moved her outside. She’s thrived, and all the while the healthier plants were inside being attacked by aphids and my poor attempt to feed them.

So now it’s her turn… returning inside after training for about 10 weeks outside.

Here’s the first piece of the new equipment. I picked up a 4x4x6 tent yesterday and need to get it set up with the light and ventilation when the drying

And here is Meave after a huge blast of spinosad this morning. I’m cleansing the crap out of her before she comes back inside.


Got the light hung. Super anxious to get the ventilation moved and to get this sucker going!!


@Psu8286 and @VTGROW I’m finished with the first journal. Plenty of advice will be needed here.

Here and watching…
My outdoor amnesia haze auto kept getting battered and beaten by storms so I had to remove half of the colas because it kept breaking branches and getting dirty from the ground. It was close enough to harvest, and at least it wasn’t from bud rot like my blueberrys. Just didn’t get a good flush.

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Yea, the branches on this plant have become SUPER strong cuz she gets lots of wind outside. Gives me good faith that she’ll support big buds with indoor conditions.

Good to have you along!

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@RoDeezyDoe I’ll have some flowers what 2-3 weeks behind you??

My plants just ticked over to week 4 of flower today. Meave is beautiful. She really bounced back.

It seems like the ones that have a rough start are the ones that do the best.

That tent will be nice too, a controlled area.

I cant wait to see how she does. :+1:

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4 weeks. Man I’m wayyy behind.

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Thats alright man, youll have some smoke to get you by while you perfect this grow.

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And she’s transplanted into the forever pot…

I went big, she’s had a rollercoaster of a life and I want her to be able to spread out and enjoy while she flowers. :sunglasses::joy::joy:


Looking good man. Clean her up and get her underneath some artificial light!

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Man my wife can’t stand me right now. I’m all pumped for that tent and there is nothing even in it!! She doesn’t get it.

What she does get is that We’re also enjoying the shit out of Delores and Bernard. Despite the nose dive at the end we are getting pretty baked off of a bowl between us…

We also agreed to plant some train wreck seeds while Meave is in flower. I got her hooked on the habit. :sunglasses::love_you_gesture:t3:


There are alot worse habits out there to be hooked on. :+1:

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Got the tent set up with all the gadgets (so far) and I would say a bigger fan and dehumidifier are the two key additions. The result will be MUCH more (but still gentle) airflow through the full thing. Starting with 1 plant and we’ll work up to a few more.

I’ll drop her into the space a bit later tonight. She’s getting her last soak in the sun now.


That tent is begging for meave.

We were kind of in the same range as far as set ups go. Now you have left me in the dust. :confounded:

Cant wait to see the ladies grow.

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Still using the mars light… it should cover the area of just one plant…

She was transplanted two days ago and has a very slightly burnt tip on a few of the higher leaves.

She’ll go directly to 12/12.

No defoliation yet because I don’t want to add any more stress.


Yeah give it a week or so to adjust and then youll be good to go.

That plant will get huge in there if you let it.

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Checked in this afternoon. Lights on @9:00 am for her and at 13:30 I see this… she looks OK but I’m looking for the small signs. Especially the tips of the leaves.

@dbrn32 and @Myfriendis410 I am hyper sensitive to light stress as that contributed to the downfall of my last grow. I have a MarsHydro TSW 1000w (300w from the plug) light on at about 75% on both drivers.

But I still see taco leaves. Mind the fact that she’s been outside for about two months now… this is her first day back in artificial light. She was also up-potted 3 days ago. Any advice?


How was/is the smoke??

This lady isn’t an auto, but she’s AH. She’s been in veg for almost 4 months but had had a fairly rough life. Outdoors is tough here (I’m in Belgium) because it’s been really rainy and cloudy the last 2 months or so. If I can manage the transition to artificial light then I think she’ll be in a very good place.

Looks like overwatered or heat stress to me, if you went inside from outdoors perhaps it needs less water now its inside?

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