The Safe Room--Let's Get Silly!


Shit, now I have to talk to the delivery man stoned. I hate that.


Now, I have to smoke another. Oh, the horror!


That’s the worst. Unless it’s the pizza guy or Chinese food. Worth it, then.

No delivery of anything but fuel, around here.


I could go for some Chinese right now.


Me too. Though, to be honest I am so easily suggestible towards food. I hear/see the word, I immediately deeply crave the food. It’s a wonder I’m not a couple hundred pounds overweight. And then throw the munchies on top of that. I guess the rate the weed raises my metabolism counteracts everything?

I’m not going to question it, whatever it is.


Actually, I do have some good food coming. I forgot.


Oooh, what’s on the menu?


Pothead…um, I mean Stoner.


Well, since it’s the Jewish holidays I was able to get rugheluh and noodle kuggle. I have no idea how to spell those, but it’s good when you’re stoned.


Yum! You can get everything in NYC.



Think that’ll get flagged?



Nah, I don’t think so.


In other news, Ming, the World’s Oldest Clam, has died at the age of 507.


Lol, are you kidding? There’s an oldest clam?


It’s for real.


Wow, imagine just sitting around for 500 years.


Though, I guess there’s a new oldest clam, somewhere out there.


Without weed.