The Safe Room--Let's Get Silly!


Are you super duper high right now? So high, you need to share it with others who are as high, or higher, than you?

Well, here we all are. We’re not sure how we got here, but we’re here. Wait, what?

Whether you wanna giggle or wax poetic, come on in. Please, no politics, though. We’re all waaay too high for that.

(I accidentally chugged down a double dose of marijuana mocha, and it’s just started kicking in!)


I just ate my nightly edible, so i’ll be with you shortly.


I ended up getting in the zone & transplanting all my babies. Lol! Now, time to let my mind loose.


Ok. If this is a weed confession…I did make up a song about my dog with my daughter tonight. Nothern Lights has that effect on me.


Lyrics, please. :grinning:




Hey lady, are you stoned?


Always. Always.


Is it party time?!


I’m sort of partying. Im sitting here waiting for my groceries to be delivered, so I can’t do anything else.


Let’s spark it! I am literally waiting for paint to dry so I can do a second coat.


Ok, i’m with you.


Ok, my next bong rip is going to be HUGE.


Im having a little piece of hash.


Not that whole piece. Lol


I just did some bong rips with oil and hash on top😎




Ok, i’m stoned.


I tried to take it all, but yowza! On one hand, I have disappointed myself, but on the other, I also grew the very strong weed my weak ass couldn’t burn in one go.


Im a light weight, myself.