The Sacred Plant


I’m really bad with computers but I’ve been watching a 7 part series called the sacred plant. This is really informative and wanted to share with all of you. Actually was and thinking about @bob31 and @Hogmaster. Let me know what you think



By all means please post a link


#3 . You can watch a seven series on cannibis. Fr healing cancer to seizures to PTSD


@Laurap, I received emails about that too… So the sacred plants is cannabis?.. Haven’t watched the series


Thanks @Laurap

Register on that page. Looks interesting!


I’ve only watched the first one and it’s very interesting. I didn’t know that America coined marijuana, trying to make it ominous with foreign names. Also the ama wouldn’t of allowed it if the government had made the law stating cannibis. At that time no one knew what marijuana was. It was only called cannibis


I’m going back to calling it Cannabis too!


Isn’t that something? Our government and pharmacutical companies wow


Don’t be fooled, Our government and pharmaceutical companies will have a monopoly as the States legalize marijuana the govenment will regulate it and the pharmaceutical company’s will set prices and make it so hard for the little guy to set up shop he’ll have to go under ground to sell noting will change.
That’s how i see it happing.



Been a rebel all my life. Not gonna change now. I had hoped to grow legally someday but…


Woohoo @Laurap a rebel! I love it good for you!!

I don’t really see anything changing for me personally. Funny I was a rebel in the 70s and now that I’m retired. I am again, lol. In between, not so much! Funny how things work out!


@bob31 and @Laurap

Somebody call me…thought i heard my name rebel



Me too, when kids were home pillar of community now :smiling_imp:


Just a bunch of grandparents growing and smokin weed… Move along… Nothing to see here Lol

Funny @garrigan62 my mom caught me with a joint when I was like 15. She asked me why I said why not. It’s not bad like everyone says. She says yeah? Where’s my lighter so we shared it lol. She never said another word about it. Lol


At about same age I started growing out in the backyard. I didn’t know it but my dad was watching. I did this several years but unfortunately Everytime they got knee high they vanished. My dad had watched me baby them and pulled them up every year. He told me to grow tomatoes and veggies to make me some $


Oh no kidding. So do you start gorilla growing? Or give up? Great story! @Laurap

I just finished episode one. It’s amazing how the fed government has treated us.

Thanks so much for telling me about this show. I’m getting ready for episode 3 which will be on soon. I will watch episode 2 tomorrow. And maybe episode 3. I hope I can stay awake…


No moved out and grew. Always been big fan of he country and used to you still be within hour of city.
Unfortunately about ten years ago too many people moved out here. We’ve got only three acres.


You got it 100% right Will ! Big Pharma is controlling (or trying to control) everything that is related to cannabis. As you said, “Nothing will change”. I will still be buying and selling underground.

“The more things change, the more they stay the same” Who is the artist that used that one?


I loved watching the series (missed the second episode), but damn! Enough of the spam e-mails! Are you all getting multiple e-mails a day from them too? I don’t want to block them because of possible future news or another series, but they need to tone it down a bit!


Imissed the second one as well. They’re driving me crazy with emails too. Wanted to see 2nd bit was told only way was to buy series