The Sacred Plant is Hiring!


Might fit the bill for someone here!

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Great news…

Our movement is growing and we need talented and passionate people to help us to help even more people.

We’re looking for superstars who believe in our mission to educate and empower billions of people worldwide to be happy, healthy, and pain-free.

These are virtual positions, so you can work from home or your own office. We have part-time and full-time positions.

If you’re a superstar, have a passion for our mission, and can thrive working virtually, please apply today.

Thank you for being here and for being you :-).

P.S. If you know somebody who might be a good fit, please forward this email to him or her.

Thank you :-).


I’m tagging in @rodri59 @FreakyDeekie @AnneBonny @Laurap @cyberblast


I got an email but i had to sell my pc. Think i need one for that


Rats. I thought you’d be a good fit for this.


I did too!


Scary that you and I are so different but think alike on some things :joy::grimacing:


We may not be as different as you think! @SmoknGranny (maybe on a few things, lol)


Out of likes :+1::heart:️:hugs:


I was but I got dome back! Hahaha:heart::v::+1::palm_tree::grinning:


Smarty pants. I have to wait 3 more hours :rage:


I was out all morning though! Mine just came back an hour ago. @SmoknGranny


@bob31 @SmoknGranny the likes have been slim the last few days. Seems I’m out after just using a few and some days seems like there’s no end to the :heart:s. Strange


I noticed that also. But what do you think about this topic?


This is interesting. I wish I was settled down to be able to bring something to the table @bob31 life is too chaotic right now, I wish you and staff the best of luck finding the perfect employees! I doubt it will be hard with all the amazing people I have met virtually here!!! :v:️:innocent:


Too bad they don’t need IT people. I’m about to be without a job. The owners of the non-profit I work for got caught with their hands in the state tax cookie jar. Paying back $60 million is putting us out of business. Current estimate is end of March and we’re done.


Sounds interesting, specifically one particular position which is currently available, but it’s full time and the details are very broad and too general for me to totally understand the full responsibilities of the position. Must be a Civil Service gubmint position, LOL. I do have a general question and I wonder if anyone knows the answer. Should one be interested in submitting a resume does one actually need to provide previous employment specifics and personal references? I am personally 99 % certain that none of my former co-workers and supervisors would be willing to give me a decent reference for some kind of unknown position. Obviously many of us are not in 420 friendly states where a position like this would be a little more reference friendly. Sounds cool though, going to try to do some further research on this company and talk to my spouse about his thoughts. :green_heart: :seedling:


Ouch - no health insurance. I was looking at maybe cold submitting for IT, but caught the insurance thing. Deal breaker. Seems like an amazing company though.


@FreakyDeekie @muffybunny I posted the letter. No one here is looking to help them or anything, but more along the lines to see if anyone here was interested in what they were offering. I can’t vouch for them or anything. I watched some of their webinars they did and they seem like a legit company to me.

Sorry I couldn’t be more specific. I was email them and ask. @FreakyDeekie

@muffybunny sorry to hear about that. It never amazes me that people don’t understand the non-profit system. SCAMMERS is what they are criminals, thieves. Hope it works out for the innocent people involved like you.


I’ve seen some information on the company online while searching for information and saw a couple of their broadcasts but other than that I know nothing about the company. @muffybunny, I don’t need insurance as I am retired and get the Medicare stuff! :green_heart: :seedling:


Thanks for the tag @SmoknGranny How ideal would a job like that be? Unfortunately I’m not really qualified for any of the open positions. It’s nice to hope though.