The right stuff

If you want a good product, you can’t skimp on materials!!! And if you want something worthwhile you have to work at it!!! I’ve been growing for 5 years I’m still learning!!! I grow for my medical reasons!!! I’m a disabled war vet!!! Veterans administration took all our pain medication away. So I grow my own medicine!!! But the catch is I don’t sell!!! You sell you go to jail!!! I don’t sell I give away. :sunglasses::v:


Right here with you brother. F the VA. Your life should be your choice of meds. Don’t take a med they want you to take they put a mark in your chart for life. I’m all in on cannabis as medicine. It’s now the only healthcare I get but I’ve been healthier since kicking the prescriptions. It’s a shame we must choose between real medicine or crap healthcare.


I don’t think the govt cares about those who grow for personal use. Especially a vetern using for medical purposes. I felt the same way for a while until I saw a few big gardens a couple of my acquaintances were growing. I’m talking 20 plants with most of them being 8 feet tall. I’m small potatoes compared to the big scheme of things. I’m in a friendly state but started growing before legalization. I was nervous at first. As long as your a good person and not asking for trouble you should be good to go.

Enjoy the fruits of your labor.


Amen! They trying to push stuff on me right now I don’t take their pills. Only ones for my heart.

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I’m old school, I’m a Gulf war disabled vet. The VA knows I smoke I told my doctors right off the gate. Can’t do a thing to me. Anyway enough of those morons!!! I got 20 plants in veg, about 25 in flowering right now. But I super crop mine. Short fat and wide. :joy::joy::joy: I don’t sell! I give away! You sell ! you go to jail!!! Like you say don’t make waves don’t tell nobody, nobody knows no different. :hugs::hugs::hugs:

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