The Red Tinge on stems

I have tried to not see this because I didn’t notice it 40 years ago, at all. I was training my WW autos and a leaf a had tucked over another leaf and covered its stem. The exposed leaf stem was tinted reddish almost purple along its entire length as well as the stem it attaches to. The leaf covered up was clear green and its stem was green except where a small portion near the bottom was exposed to the grow lights. It angled across the stem, one side bright green, the other a deep crimson color.

So I look allover and focusing closer to areas like I had just seen…its everywhere. Like a shadow of crimson wherever a part of stems and even leaves are exposed and covering up other sections.

I’ve went back and noticed it’s mainly isolated to the stems of the leaves and on the main stems. Im 12 inches over the main tops which are trained tight as I dare.

My LED lights are not powerful enough to burn that close I would guess. Two 600w Mars Hydros non-dimmable full spectrums running 14/8. I dont think this is a light problem or nutrients. There’s no sign of stress from any bugs (I have fungus gnats but who doesn’t) or diseases.

Has anyone else ever noticed this before? This is what I’m seeing

Weird right?


Happens to mine all the time. I heard one time what caused it, but it wasn’t a concern, so , no worries.


Not strange it’s either genetics or a sun tan my stretched out seedling got it cause its exposed to a lot of light


LED lighting causes this I believe. @dbrn32 will probably know. Or @Myfriendis410

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Thanks for looking. If I had noticed before I installed the new lights it wouldn’t be anything to worry about. I wont worry about it when the rest of the plant looks like this

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Now this is worrisome :thinking: for 90 day wonder weed, I got at least three weeks two and a half minimum. These auto WW is it still early to trim down the plate leaves? I’m not going past the 15th of next month, I’ve got the next grow ready to start this weekend coming. I have one or two I might let go longer because they aren’t as mature as several others and of course progressive harvest of the immature ones. Thanks for the welcomes and help from all ranks is appreciated.

Feel free to post your pics here or tag me in your thread. Great place.

This is my WW auto at day 70


Ooo yeah, beautiful. 4 weeks should be tight when all the trics aren’t cloudy :grin::+1:

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I did some “shrubbery work” or defoliation this morning, seems like a daily thing in the closing weeks/stages.

This picture is of leaves from the top (far right side) to the lowest (far left side). The Red Tinge is more pronounced on the higher leaves or those directly exposed to my lighting, shaded leaves have little to none of the tinge.

The height of my plants is less than 24 inches most of that from LST but I do have my mains which are still growing up.

I’m not entirely sure of any of my “theories” but to be sure, if I’m seeing tinge on my leaf stems they are exposed to light. Now, is it mostly prevalent on inside grows, outside grows? I remember it on my outdoor grows as being more uniform from top to bottom with interior leaves showing less to none at all and the base of each leaf’s stem and of course the stalks and branches which are covered by the plant growth (does that make sense :thinking:).

I’d appreciate some feedback from indoor under LED and HPS/MH growers and outdoor growers. Let’s see if we can use this to our advantage somehow right? Perhaps there’s a lesson as to how to manipulate our grows by using this observational evidence. Tag @Amazon66 @Cannabian @Covertgrower @Watt-Sun Tokes malot

I have the red stems, I don’t see much difference in leaves other than the red. I don’t think it’s causing any harm because I’ve seen a lot of people to have them.


I have the purple/red stems. It makes it easiest to see when you defoliate.

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Oh I’m not saying it is harmful at all, maybe like a barometer or ph paper.

If you see it then you know your getting sufficient lighting or insufficient if it isn’t present at all.

I had barely any showing on my lower growth and an abundance on the upper growth. I’m inside, so I did look at growth farthest away from my lights and on the shaded side of everything there is a lack of the tinge almost completely.

Plants with the greatest amount were more robust and even those had sides which were bare of the tinge and had less growth on those branches.

I’m thinking about adding some supplemental lights in the corners. Perhaps some warm LED spot/flood lights. Something with some wattage that’ll cover those areas better.

Are you inside? Or outside? LEDs or HPS/MH if inside? My old indoors had it under HPS/MH but the plants I did under florescent lights not so much and they were spindly and node space was inches if not feet with no bulk.

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I’m inside. MH for veg, LEDs for flower.


Metabolism changes throughout the growing cycle. Would you be concerned if your whole plant when from green to purple? Its quite common in some cultivars.

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The Spread. Love it. :star_struck: I’m setting up my new grow, and I’m sticking with LST on my autos. I am 97% sure I can use this setup but I wasn’t sure

Its a smaller tomato cage flipped upside down buried in the soil…I have one so I could experiment, I’m just a five minute drive to get more but I figured to ask first maybe a bad experience somebody has had.

I meant to add @Grandaddy013 , those LEDs look serious. Is that DIY or commercial? @Cannabian I wasn’t positive I had seen it on different plants but oh yeah they change and some a lot more than others. I’m putting it on the shelf for now tho.

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They are DIY.