The reaper has come




My hands thank that bowl trimmer to lol


That’s a great haul, @ThcinKC! Those buds look great, and personally, I’d be delighted with 139 grams/4 oz per plant. (I’m a few weeks away yet from my first harvest, and I really don’t know what to expect, but I kinda doubt that I’ll be getting 4oz/plant.)

On your tally sheet you divided it between jars and tops. Can you enlighten me as to what these two categories represent?


The smaller buds went into jars the bigger ones or the tops were to big for the jars they went into a Tupperware container. I just added the jars and tops together and divided by 3 because I had 3 white widow and 3 critical mass plants.
I could stuff the tops into jars but i didn’t want to smash them and it would take up alot more jars i went to Lowe’s and got air tight seal lids for 5 gallon buckets and stored my tops in there after i weighed them and i don’t have to worry about light on them. I tested both out and my legs were like jelly and the white widow gave me the munchies and i was in slow motion and it was like my body was a foot outside my body. Critical mass turned my eyes purple and Chinese eyed and melted my face and it was intense I was super relaxed and my body was like rubber and it was like waves and i had the tingles in my neck and face my back has never relaxed like that before. I can’t wait for the end of next month and see what its like after curing. They both take 20min before they grab you by the boo boo and then hit like a freight train. Sorry for rambling on


I’d ramble on too🤣!
Good going and kudos to your harvest


Do you get hermaphrodite in flower or veg. And do you get seeds in flower with 12 hours in darkness or seeds in veg for 18 hours of light


Yes you would get seeds during flowering


Thanks for your time


Your question is a weird one… have you downloaded the free grow bible… if not , you need too… I’ve seen you asking alot of questions… it would help to get you the basics… :wink: