The reaper has come

Ok here is the beginning of my harvest i have done 1 and 1/2 plants these white widow are super heavy i got 21 oz wet off the first one but got 4 more plants to go here are some pictures
@Irish @Stoneythetiger420 @Familyman
Here’s pictures of how i have my lights. I had two problems during the heat wave my ac had a little trouble keeping up with the heat and my neighbor hood had some power outages and a flipped the breakers so when i came home from work my lights were off about 10 or 12 times and my charcoal filter clogged up for 3 days and my temp was 108 but all and all still came out pretty decent. I will post more pictures tomorrow of the critical mass.


Thats nice , you’ve been busy . Congrats to the Reaper !

What kind of lights are you using?


Holy guano

2 600w hps lights they are vivo sun with ushio bulb in one and a argosun red hps bulb in the other

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Don’t feel bad about hiccups. Seems like every grow has them.
Nice haul.

Thanks @Drinkslinger im just happy that they came out so dence and heavy i was just surprised that they packed on the weight and how tight they got

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Some sexy buds. They look great, even for bumps in the road.

My WW are five weeks from harvest, and I am doing my best not to be green with envy. I don’t think that I’ll have quite the haul that you had. Great job!

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That’s 3 ww in a 4x4x6.5 tent the other 3 are critical mass getting ready to start on them now and get ready for a colloidal silver experiment

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O.k. starting on critical mass now


First one is done


I will be very curious how the CS experiment turns out. I was thinking of doing the same thing with some WW and Maui Waui this winter/spring.

Congrats on the harvest! Looks like plenty of weed there too!

Mmmmmm, I can smell it from here.

Green weight of white widow was 4 lbs 11oz my fingers started hurting and did 2 critical mass and got 3lb 4oz and still have 1 plant to go.
I left some buds on each plant for getting seeds i will cross pollinate them and keep you guy’s posited

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I just ordered a 16 inch bowl trimmer because my hand is wore out it will be here tomorrow i will do before and after pictures

O.k. got my trimmer and tried it out work’s great and saved my hands from cramps big plus there. I did 5 turns clockwise and 5 turns counter clockwise and i thought the critical mass looked pretty good to me


That looks great! Just ten turns of the crank trimmed those buds down that well? That’s a good advertisement.

Yes I was really impressed i can do a plant in about 40 minutes now the bigger ones need a couple more turns all i do is take the fan leaves off and go

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