The question of the newbie!

I seem to be having a problem.My lower parts of the plants seem to have reached there full potential and appear to be ready for harvest. What I do not understand is why my top cola’s have started , which seems like the flowering stage again. The pistils on the cola’s are dark red almost brown. New stem/ flower has formed off the cola with white straight pistils and still going! Plus now the tops have single blade leafs. As a indoor beginner. Not sure if it is time to harvest or is it to soon.

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Some pictures would help in diagnosing.


It’s hard to tell without pics but it sounds like the buds are getting additional light and are starting the (veg) part of the cycle again. Sounds like it’s time to cut her down.

Again hard to say without photo evidence but if they’re “reaching” they’re reaching for light.



Welcome to the community! Without the picture it’s hard to exactly tell, but almost sounds like you’re describing foxtailing.

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The top picture is the one that is really acting strange. The other pictures are different flowers. One other thing i forgot to mention no smell. In the past I have always grown outside. With good results. But the indoor is a little bit more tricky. Tried to look for the trichomes with my 10x jewelers loupe. They are very hard to see. Ordered a stronger one should be hear tomorrow. I am wondering if I trimmed off to many shade leaves or to soon. Hopefully the pictures help. Thank you!

Take some pics in natural light or at least flash. They dont look healthy but could be lighting.

Hello, this is my first time planting.
The image below is in the flowering stage
the first day of the 7th week.
I currently 150w LED grow light buld.
My strain is AK47.
The temperature falls between 24 and 28.
Humidity falls between 50 and 55%.
Nutrition Advanced Nutrients sensi sets.
And my question is: why to week 7 and that it is still a lot of fiber white pistil.
Is it because the light isn’t enough? My space is 40cm wide, 60cm long and 140cm high.
How much light do I need for 1 tree?

Your “time line” may not be accurate, how many weeks of those 7 weeks are you considering as “transition time”?? My point is you maybe in the 4/5 week of flower if your not taking this into your time line. They look like they need several weeks yet. Do you have a loop of some kind for inspection of tricomes.


I have checked my calendar carefully.
minus 2 weeks of transition time,
could it be by the lights?
I have not checked out trichomes.
August 5 is the day when the tree has white pistil.

Sounds like your maybe 5 1/2 weeks into flower. Some strains take 10 weeks and that’s just approximate. A close up of the tricomes is the best way to tell.


I’m a newbie too. I cannot answer your question. Just here to say it looks awesome!