The Purps Autoflower

Just thought I’d share a couple of pics of my Purps Autoflower that I just harvested.


Nine weeks and 5 days from seed. (Sowed Easter Sunday)

very very nice :smiley:

That’s a sick ass grow and only 9 weeks! How much did you get dry?

I’ll post the dry weight once it dries. I just finished a Mazar autoflower with a dry weight of 1.6 ounces, but the Purps looks like a higher yielder. In a couple of weeks I’ll be harvesting 12 more autoflowers; 5 white widows, 5 critical jacks and 2 blueberry. I’m still kinda getting the hand of these autoflowers. As you can see, I need to get better at timing my flushes.

I went a little crazy this year buying seeds. I didn’t end up doing an outdoor grow this year so I have a plethora of seeds to choose from for my indoor grow rooms and I’m having trouble deciding what to put down next. I currently have:
10 Gold leaf (ILGM)
10 white widow (ILGM)
10 OG kush (ILGM)
3 purple haze (ILGM)
3 big bang (greenhouse seed company)
3 sour diesel (royal queen seeds)
3 white widow (bulldog seeds)
2 blueberry (dutch passion)
2 Mazar (dutch passion)
2 orange bud (dutch passion)
3 blueberry autoflower (dutch passion)
3 sweet tooth autoflower (barney’s farm)

Plus I have 10 of ILGM’s long anticipated strawberry kush on the way! I’m trying really hard not to order more…

The yield of the Purps may have looked larger to me, but the total dry weight ended up at 1.5 ounces. Just a tad shy of the Mazar.

OMG … Your plant is awesome! Great job!