The Purple Abyss

Well, I wanted to up my indoor flowering game from my collection of flouro and LED shop lights since I want to do some more serious feminizing, so I bought this:

I’m sure it’ll do a better job for me but all my old lights are white, normal light. This thing is a bloody purple nightmare. I had to get my sunglasses and put a block up so the light wouldn’t be in my peripheral vision. I still feel like I’ve stared into the purple abyss and seen the face of monochromatic evil.

Plus the stoopid thing hangs about 10 or 12 inches from the hanger, wasting a LOT of top space. I need to find out what the top required clearance is supposed to be.

Any thoughts or commentary on how to deal with this horrendous thing would be welcome.

Welcome to the joys of LED lighting! There are special glasses you can get. They’re mostly just green lenses, but they do help. I have these:


Looks like exactly what I need. I’ll be ordering them soon. Thanks!

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Toplanet Pair of 1/4 inch Heavy Duty Adjustable Nylon Rope Ratchet Hangers w/ Grow Light Hooks for Indoor Gardening Horticulture Reflectors & Fixtures, Hydroponics


This is what I use to Raise and lower my lights

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Thanks guys. The hanger that comes with it is about 10 or 12 inches between the apex of the hanger to the top of the light. My previous light was a couple inches. I lowered the plant but going forward i may need to drop a hanger from the ceiling and through the top of the grow area to get my height back.

I used 2 of the hangars instead of all 4 on my lights (1 hangar stretched between 2 hooks) and it gave me a couple more inches. Now I just hook the ratchets directly to the lights and have much more room.

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I fold my wire hangers in half to gain some room. I also purchased a roll of wire to make my own custom hangers. I also us the ratchet system mentioned above.


I fold my wires in half also put a zip tie through the eye on light and loop through there cuts clearance down to inches and I run mine there all the time. Same exact light

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