The Pruning question

I am having a hard time finding a good reference on when to actually pinch tops for growth and pruning up. This Wedding Cake was planted on 5/6/20. I pinched off the tops of my plants, meant to FIM one but got it wrong and went ahead and pinched the tops. Did I over prune? I think at this point I need to do nothing anymore as far as pruning.

I know, the beginners constant problem along with overwatering.

Thanks in advance!

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It looks like you’ve topped just above the 4th node, which should be fine.

I agree and wouldn’t introduce any other training or defoliating at this point. Still a little young. I generally let mine grow (other than topping or FIMing) for 6 to 8 weeks before I start defoliating, and then my rule at that point is to clear out lower growth in the center of the plant.

I have one suggestion to leave an inch of nub (stump) above the node where you top. It will help the plant develop a better knuckle where you’ve topped.

She looks good.


Thank you. I hope I am okay as I had already pinched off the tops. Do you keep topping the new stuff to the side to make more side branches for colas? If that makes sense. I am also toying with that method where you bend the stalks but not break the outer part to strengthen them and they make more areas for buds. If I understand that correctly.

I think your plant will be fine. I agree with @MidwestGuy at this point I would just keep taking care of it. And not do anything to slow it down or stunt growth . Nice plant looks healthy.

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Thank you! I think my husband is going to hide my pruning nippers. I feel that I need to be doing something all the time to these plants. :laughing:


I give my plants what they need an zip the tent up an I try not to look at them for two days. I know it’s hard but when you do that you can really see the growth.

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I am laughing because my husband says if he can’t find he knows I am in the grow room. I have taken to peeking through the window. And bought some special goggles to protect my eyes from the lights. They seem to grow like corn. Once the AutoPot is running, and that is tomorrow, I won’t have to worry so much on water. My big concern now is the three I will have to take outside. Our weather can be harsh here and bugs are super bad this year due to no bats due to the drought.

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I also take photos every four or five days, that way I can blow up the photo and look closely at things and not bother them, plus compare from the previous photos. It always amazes me how much they change. The great thing on zoom is that it is like a little magnifier.

I took these two this morning. The three on the side will be booted although I had hoped they would fit. The tent is 3x4. I had not planned on AutoPot system until after I bought the tent. Now I wish I had bought a bigger tent.


Your plants look real nice. 3 by 4 odd size tent. What kind of Lights are you planning on using moving forward. I could see in the picture looks like a couple of fluorescence.

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I ended up with a Mars Hydro TS 3000 for 4x4 area. It got here yesterday and we are installing it tomorrow. I spent a few days of angst trying to figure out what to get and not break the bank but also not get caught buying a cheapie from Amazon. I ordered from them direct. This name kept coming up in searches here and others. It is mid range priced. I looked at Black Dog but right now that is more than I wanted to pay.

The T5 lights were part of the tent package and I used them up until Wednesday week ago then transplanted into the AutoPots and the plastic pots (which are totally the wrong pot I realize. I have some 7 gallon soft bags for them. Just a stupid moment on those plastic pots. If they there they need a drain hole, it is the kind that is supposed to drain and keep roots out I guess has a barrier at the bottom. If that makes sense.)

The light they are under now is a Covert UFO 150 full spectrum LED. I am wondering if I can in someway put that light at the bottom area to get lower branches? Has anyone ever done anything like that? A top and bottom light.

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Yes, you can add lights on the sides later if you like . Personally I have not felt like I needed it. I have not used the Mars light but there are several Growers on here that use them.

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